Really, this is the last one

Another Wide Cuff Watch Cap:

Cascade 220 #9459

This is “olive brown” but it’s an interesting colour.  In some light it looks just brown, in other light it’s very olive drabby.  I quite like it.

the crown decreases

I really like that hat pattern.  Very cute, easy to make and I love the wide, wide cuff.

I picked up some socks that had been languishing these past couple of months.  I think I’ll finish them off before deciding what my next project will be.  I am keeping them in this:

awesome project bag
Day of the Dead project bag

Isn’t it awesome?!  I got that on etsy from slipped stitch studios. She has beautiful workmanship and the bag is great. The inside is lined with the bright pink leopard print and the bottom of the exterior is a heavier black fabric. Very well thought out. Look, there’s even skull beads on the drawstrings!  This is a bigger size than the boxed-pouch project bags I have for my socks.  It’s big enough to have a shawl or project like that in it.  But for now, the socks will reside there.

In other news, it’s cold and wind-chilly here and we’ve had a ton of snow this week.  The big fella has had the snowblower out a couple of times.  The poopers are coming to terms with the winter weather finally appearing.  Lots of little dog cookies to help ease the blow.


3 thoughts on “Really, this is the last one”

  1. I actually think that the watch caps are wonderful. I hope you do not really mean that you will be making no more. They would certainly be great gifts for winter. I think the Cascade 220 makes a very nice fabric. After seeing many of your projects done in that wool, I think I will be putting it on my wish list for Christmas. Maybe this spring I will be making watch caps for next year’s gifts.

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