It’s like a cult, really

… the Cult of Greyhound! We knew of a couple who had two greyhounds living north of us; I’d “met” her on Facebook and we were lucky enough that on their way through town today, they stopped off for coffee and a GH meet & greet! Apollo and Sabrina were excited to see some of their kinfolk.

These two little girls are Elsa and Ruby. Elsa and Sabrina raced at the same track during the same time frame (and both were quite prolific) but they never raced each other.

of course Sabrina's bum is the only part of her in this pic

Sabrina saw them pull into the driveway. The big fella let the visitors in the back yard so they could relieve themselves before coming in. I went out on the deck to greet them and Sabrina was so beside herself that she ran out (as did Apollo) in the -20°C cold naked. She was reduced to a crippled knot of shivering greyhound in seconds and they all came in and got warmed up.

warming up

I know it’s blurry, but look at Elsa’s ears!

oh, Sabrina!

Sabrina plays it coy.  For about 2 seconds …

Elsa and Apollo look like a matched set.

There were some cookies and treats distributed.

Ruby: "whaaat? treats?!"

Such gorgeous girls!  Ruby has the cutest little bald thighs/bum.  Adorable!

so relaxed

And Elsa is such a sweet little girl – so gentle and happy!  She looooves Apollo.

Sabrina makes the rounds

Sabrina wore herself out running over to whomever was getting attention and/or treats and bossy-cow’ing her way in there.  We commented how funny it was that we had about 300 lbs of dog in that small space in our living room and 1) it was so quiet, 2) no fur was flying, and 3) they were all completely content!  Try that with 300 lbs of Jack Russells.  Ha!


8 thoughts on “It’s like a cult, really”

  1. Your link to Elsa’s page didn’t work. Ruby is related to Strider via the Oshkosh dogs and their great-grandparents. She looks a lot like him too, including baldness.

    Elsa’s a very pretty dog. Boy do you ever have a princess on your hands though! They say that greyhound meet-ups are the quietest in the canine world.

    1. d’oh! Thanks for the heads-up; I fixed the link.

      I didn’t get a pic of Sabrina roached completely in Adele’s lap. She’s so standoffish, you know!!

  2. I have over 500 pounds of dog in whichever room I may be in. Sometimes you’d never know there was a dog on the room, other times it’s pure chaos. I love it!

  3. how can anyone live north of you?

    i’ve met bloggers in person after online. i’ve found that to be quite fun. i’ve met heather of greyt black dog and several running bloggers. it’s a great place to meet people as long as your blog is not “knitting, greyhounds, and axe murderers”.

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