keep warm, any way you can

even if it involves a pink princess blanket:

but I'm warm!

We’ve had some cold temps the past number of days.  During the evenings when we’re in the living room I’ve tucked both dogs up with blankets to snuggle in.  Just the way the laundry rotation is going, Apollo got the pink one.  He’s dog enough to wear pink.

I’ve been keeping busy with work, and Contract #2 in particular this week.  I have found a few minutes here and there for knitting:

I can't even remember

I started these socks a long time ago (just wait, I’ll check Rav …) OMG – I started them August 8th.  Too funny.  This is Zauberball Crazy sock yarn in #1511, U-Boot (which is short for Unterseeboot which is German for submarine).  Really nice colours and shades.  The yarn is a little splitty, though.

I’m prepping for a board meeting tomorrow for Contract #1.  Not especially keen on driving 2 hours in this weather – it’s warmed up to a -32°C wind chill right now.  Tomorrow it’s supposed to warm up to a high of -9°C, so we’ll see.


2 thoughts on “keep warm, any way you can”

  1. apollo’s a pretty princess. didn’t pink used the be the colour for princes and blue for princesses? i think it’s another thing the rat of florida did to ruin a good thing.

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