an irreproachable character

Today we attended an awards ceremony.  The RCMP have long service awards starting at 20 years.  The big fella today got his for 40 years service:

with the Lieutenant Governor and the Chief Superintendent

The Royal Warrant says: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police long service medal may be awarded to any officer, non-commissioned officer, or constable who bears an irreproachable character and who has completed not less than 20 years of service with good conduct.

They had some 36 members and civilian members who received the awards.  It was very nicely done, nice ceremony.  They had refreshments afterwards, but by the time we got in there, it was like a horde of locusts had descended and devoured it all, except for a couple of dainties and crackers.

I don't need any more dainties ...

It’s a pretty big deal – the LG had some very nice remarks in his address.  This is the big fella’s fifth awards ceremony.  A nice morning.

ETA:  the big fella thanks you all for your very kind comments and congratulations.  For the record, he joined the RCMP when he was 19.


11 thoughts on “an irreproachable character”

  1. Wow! 40 years! You rarely hear of anyone doing anything for 40 years these days. Please pass along my congratulations to the Big Fella. It is not an easy time to be a mountie, especially when a few rotten apples get all the press. Way to go Bill!

  2. Good Heavens! He must have joined the mounties when he was 5 years old. You must take very good care of him. Congratulations, I am sure it is a very proud moment for both of you.

  3. What a wonderful achievement and you both look so young and happy…must be the knitting and excellent cooking! Thanks for sharing this cool event.

  4. Congratulations to Bill! Are you sure he’s been working for the RCMP for 40 years and not 30? He looks great. Well, you both do.

  5. Congratulations on excellence in service well-recognized!
    Wow, 19? Just a fresh-faced baby! But not that it looks as if he’s spent 40 years in law enforcement, must be the sweet Canadian air. Or the youthful influence of goofy hounds and a good woman. 🙂

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