the princess’s new clothes

We were away three days for the big fella’s awards ceremony.  I particularly dislike Regina and the gross wind chills this time didn’t endear it to me any more.

We were all very happy to be home and to sleep in our own beds:

so happy!

Now I am trying to catch up on my work (both contracts).  Yikes.

When we had the greyhound visitation a few weeks ago, both the big fella and I were impressed with their winter coats.  One of the women in our adoption group makes them, so I hit up her web site and ordered one for Sabrina.  I left the colour/pattern choice up to her.

fit for royalty

The web site is Pezzack Pet Wear and I love it!  The coats are double-layered thick fleece and the hood/collar is extra long so you can have it up around their ears without it confining their heads.  There’s a slot for the leash to pass through as well.  Awesome!


Poopers have appointments on Wednesday for dentals.  We’re all a little nervous.  It’s also Apollo’s 10th birthday on Wed.


8 thoughts on “the princess’s new clothes”

  1. Great jacket, although it looks like Apollo is laughing at her. 🙂

    The first pic is my favorite though, I love the blissful rolling rubbing thing they do, waving paws in the air. He’s so handsome. Good luck and safe passage with the dental appointments! I still have to schedule one for Crivvie.

  2. Sabrina’s plaid coat looks quilted. Is it? Or is it just the weave of the fabric? Beautiful coat for a beautiful dog!

  3. Hi Terri:

    Sabrina looks adorable in her new pink coat…

    Your photography is #1. thanks so much for sharing.

    Oh, went up & found you on Rav, enjoyed it.

    I am searching for your wide brim knit hat pattern, it

    looks like it would nip this winter winds & snow…

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