the longest day

(no, I’m not talking about the John Wayne movie …)

Today was Apollo’s 10th birthday.  We had also booked them in for dentals (oops, sorry big boy!).  This is their first dental for both of them since we’ve had them.  Sabrina had some pretty bad teeth and they both needed cleaning.  We started giving them their pre-dental antibiotics a few days ago.  We talked to the two grey-savvy vets and determined what they were going to do and what anaesthetic they’d use, etc.

safely back at home

The big fella and I were still pretty nervous and worried.  To compound things, Monday evening Sabrina jumped off the bed funny and jammed her left rear leg.  She was a little limpy, but later was fine.  She was sore getting off the bed the next morning (and carried on, as her Drama! Queen! status dictates), but she was still able to go for a fast-paced, happy walk in the afternoon.  But this morning – oh no!  I was going to let the dogs out in the yard for a quick pee before we headed up to the vet’s.  She went out and went down the deck stairs okay, walked around and did some business.  I turned away to get Apollo dressed and when I looked out again, she was in the middle of the yard holding that leg up.  I let Apollo out then went down to encourage her up the stairs.  She basically threw herself up the stairs and the foot was banging on each step as she went.  When she got in the house, she freaked out and gave the Greyhound Scream of Death and gimped over to the bed to lay down.  Moments later I had to get her down the stairs from the living room to the front door to the car and she refused to use that leg.

The vets had a good look at it and decided to x-ray her hips/spine when she was knocked out for the dental.  We found out later that when we left and they were taking her from the kennel pen to the operating room, she was prancing along just fine.  The x-ray showed “beautiful hips and spine” according to the vet and no injury or damage.  She probably did something much like last December where she pulled muscle or irritated something, and the swelling was pinching a nerve.  They gave her an anti-inflammatory shot and she was much better when we picked them up.  Of course as soon as we got in the door, DRAMA! QUEEN! couldn’t go up the stairs without the scream of death.  With her, so much is mental when it comes to injuries or bumps and scrapes.

tucked in & recovering

So the morning was quite eventful and worrisome even before we got to the vet’s.  We waited until 1:30 and then the big fella drove by there to check to see how they were doing.  They were behind schedule and they had Sabrina on the table and were cleaning her teeth.  The big fella was talking and she must have heard his voice because she twitched and stirred.  The still had to do Apollo.

The vet called me about 3:30 to say they were both done; they both had two extractions each.  Sabrina was up and awake and anxious to leave but Apollo was still out of it.  She said to come up in an hour and we did.  After we did the paperwork and had a little consult, we went back to get them.  As soon as Sabrina saw us, she started crying and whining and wanted OUT right now!  Poor Apollo was barely awake, I went in the kennel with him and helped him wake up.  The vet and I rolled him to his feet and we got his coat on and leashed him up and once he realized he was being sprung, he wanted to go.  He was staggering like a drunken sailor, so it was sort of funny, in a “oh, poor Apollo” way.  When we got them home, Sabrina went up the steps scream-of-death-ing (even though we KNOW her leg was fine due to the injection/painkiller), and Apollo had to be carried up.  I got the ass end.

shore leave

They haven’t moved an inch since we deposited them on the dog beds.  I dabbed Apollo’s lips with some water, but he wasn’t interested in a drink.  I have to keep looking at the blankets to see if they’re still breathing!  Maybe they’ll feel up to some birthday meat loaf by tomorrow night.


10 thoughts on “the longest day”

  1. Regarding dog teeth: We feel your pain. Attie’s teeth are somewhat less than perfect.

    I hope Sabrina doesn’t milk the injury too long. Maybe if you weren’t so mean to her…

  2. I know what it is like to live with the canine drama queen, even if mine is a boy! Glad to hear everyone made it out ok and is recovering, including you and the big fella!

  3. Hooray! When Priest came home from his dental, he did exactly the same thing. Didn’t move any more than necessary for probably 12 hours. Hope they’re doing fine today!

  4. Poor puppies! Hope they are feeling better today. I definitely don’t have to worry about them getting good care LOL. Congrats to Bill on 40 years service.

  5. Having had two extractions myself only last Saturday, my sympathy goes out to Apollo and Sabrina. I hope they don’t suffer from dry socket and infection like I am at the moment. I think i’ll have to try a bit of drama queen screaming – ah, i’ve already done that, it does help a little bit!

  6. O momma, the trauma! Poor baby boy. :(. And poor princess too, but hey, at least that’s probably the last dental they’ll need for a while, knock on wood.

  7. No offence, but you are the worst birthday party planner ever! Next year I hope that you have more whippets popping out of cakes and fewer extractions.

    Other than that, you’re full of awesomesauce. Happy birthday to the Greek god of teefs.

    And you’ve returned me to my knitting meaujeau. Grazie, Schatzi.

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