imagine this

is Apollo walking down the hall at the vet’s after his dental:

(At least he didn’t pee on the wall or in the doorway …)

The poopers had a really quiet day yesterday.  I had some work to catch up on and they were content to snuggle up in their blankets and sleeeeeep.  I made bacon-covered meatloaf last night and they insisted they were fine to eat some.  So they’re back to normal, if a little quiet.  However, today we have a wind chill of -31°C, so that’s probably why they show no interest in moving.


2 thoughts on “imagine this”

  1. Love your comments about your babies. They seem to have a GREAT life with you and your husband. Our german shepherd, Houston, passed away last December. We miss him so much. As well, our cat, Pumpkin, passed away after 20 years. We have adopted two kittens, Bessie and Clara, and they are great. My husband has had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma which is in remission right now but doctors at every month checkup tell us that it is coming back. So we have opted not to adopt a dog. It is great to see yours and know how well they are taken care of in your home. Thanks!

  2. Oh, we feel your pain on the teeth cleaning and aftermath! You worry about them like crazy and then fight not to hover over them when they get home. I’ve never had two go in at once, and I think I’d probably have some kind of stress attack if I did! lol I’m glad they felt well enough to enjoy the meatloaf.

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