a good day for soup

so I made a big pot of Italian Meatball Soup Rapido:

it tastes even better!

I used some PC Frozen Italian Beef Meatballs; and instead of the spinach, I used kale.  And I used a blend of asiago, romano and parmesan cheese.  Yum.  So good.  Two big thumbs up from both of us.

It was -40°C with the wind chill for most of the day.  Brr.


I finished off the Boneyard Shawl I was working on.  I used some Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in “kindling” which is all deep, rich shades of brown.  I made it the same as the blue Boneyard Shawl, sock yarn with 4 mm needles.  Because this was a larger ball of yarn, I had some left over (instead of running out on the cast-off row).  I worked 10 stocking stitch sections and 10 rows of garter stitch for the border.  Blocked measurements are 48″ wide (wingspan) and 24″ deep at center.

pretty close to true colours, but a little less yellow-toned than this

Remember that last Wide Cuff Watch Cap (WCWC) that I made with the luscious Sweet Georgia Superwash Worsted in “Lakeshore Drive”?  Well, as much as I loved the yarn, every time I wore the hat it said it wanted to be mittens.  It said the colours would pool much more delightfully with a shorter cast on such as the mittens would have.  So I ripped it out.

when the yarn speaks, one must listen

So once I get a couple of other smaller projects out of the way, I’ll make some mittens with this gorgeous stuff.


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