too busy this week

for blogging, but will have something for you tonight or tomorrow.  In the mean time, enjoy some LOLDogs:

Iggies are hilarious!

While we’re greyhounds-for-life here, I think whippets would be entertaining as well!

ETA:  I have been informed by the driver of the WHPTWGN in No. California that the above is actually an Italian Greyhound.  It was mis-identified as a whippet by LOLDogs.

Here’s a comparison:


4 thoughts on “too busy this week”

  1. Dude, you are SO GOING DOWN. That is an Italian Greyhound and it is OFFENSIVE TO MY PEOPLES that you should be SO IGNORANT as to confuse the two.

    (needless to say, j/k. If you really want to see a hissyfit, ask the owner of the sausage-shaped 40lb, 21 inches at the shoulder dog with the ratty popeyed face if their dog is a whippet. Glue-addicts got nuthin’ on that huffiness.)

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