my greyhound exploded

or it sure looks like it:


Ever since their vet appointment, Apollo has been shedding like crazy!  His coat is a lot thicker than Sabrina’s, so I usually do get more off him when brushing, but this is crazy!  (He also likes to wander around while I brush him.)

I’ve been super busy with work (mostly Contract #2, but also a little on #1) this week and will continue next week as well.  I finished some fingerless mittens:

Noro Retro #3

These are size Large.  I found the Noro somewhat annoying to work with on this project.  It was nicer to use for a hat.  I think because the variations in thickness make the ribbing look sloppy.  They’re very warm, though.

fingerless mittens? or paw warmers?

Sabrina is still having some trouble with her leg.  I think a lot of it is in her head, but some of it is either a pulled muscle or soft tissue injury.  We’d slacked off on the Meloxicam, but I think I’ll give her another four-day course and see how she feels.  Poor little drama queen.

I'm an invalid

After working four hours today, I did a bit of baking.  I’d been meaning to get some stuff made, but kept running out of time.  I made these:

Cranberry Shortbread Bars

I tried this recipe last year and the big fella liked them so much I had to make a couple of batches.  I also made a batch of these Shortbread Buttons:


except I didn’t have a small enough round cookie cutter, so I used this rectangular shortbread cutter.  They taste pretty good, regardless the shape.  I would make them again!

I had planned to make some lemon tarts, but I was getting tired and still needed to get supper going, so I only made the lemon curd.  I’ll do the tart shells tomorrow some time.

Apollo say relax

I made Dauphinoise Potatoes to go with our steak tonight.  Sort of an odd pairing, but really good!  And it’s easier to make Dauphinoise than it is to make mashed, so why not?!


4 thoughts on “my greyhound exploded”

  1. We were cleaning our bookcase this weekend (took us nearly 9 hours – way too many books) and since Tara was so keen on helping us, I decided to hoover her (she sheds like crazy due to the central heating). I used a dusting brush and it must have felt quite nice because she didn’t try to escape. The look on her face made it worth the trouble 😀

  2. I really need to furminate Crivens, but that scene of fluffy carnage is exactly what I’m afraid of. It’s too cold outside to do it there and with our laminate floor those dustbunnies would run off and be everywhere in here in only moments. It made me wish for a furminator-vacuum cleaner attachment. And a dog who would tolerate the vacuum so close. If wishes were depilatories, Crivvie would be nekkid as a mole-rat.

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