Magic Priest

Sabrina and Apollo’s friend, Magic Priest went to the bridge today.

Magic Priest
happy boy

We saw him at the greyhound picnic in September and he was his usual goofy self.  I was shocked to learn this morning that he passed.  Very aggressive osteosarcoma.  It was his 7th birthday today.


6 thoughts on “Magic Priest”

  1. So sad to say goodbye to a beloved friend. Cancer is becoming one of the biggest evils for dogs. My sweet Ginger developed cancer in her sinuses and was gone in just two months. She was my nutty best friend and I still miss her. I pass along my condolences to your friend for his loss.

  2. Thank you, Terri. I’ll post a eulogy on Priest’s blog at some point, but right now it’s hard enough to think about it. Give Sabrina and Apollo snuggles for us, and have a happy Christmas.

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