I went out at noon to get some groceries for the next few days.  I don’t want to step in any store between now and after Boxing Day.  It was still insane out there.  Jeez.

Yesterday was the big fella’s birthday.  It was a big one – with a rounded number greater than 50 but less than 70.  Heh.  He’s still coming to terms with it.  I bought him a big new tv for the family room a few weeks ago.  I also gave him the fingerless mittens that I’d posted on here earlier.  And I made him his own Wide Cuff Watch Cap.  He had tried on some of the other ones and I had to make a little tweak of the design.  Weirdly enough, the ‘body’ of the hat was too long, but the circumference was good.  So I made it a little shorter in the ‘body’ and cuff and it fit him perfectly.

Wide Cuff Watch Cap in Cascade 220 Heathers #8400

I also finished some socks.  I had started these back in August, if you can believe it.  They kept getting set aside for other little projects.  I need to get another pair started; I always like to have some on the go.

Zauberball Crazy #1511 U-boot

I know the pic is blurry.  I haven’t had time to do anything much around here other than work the past couple of weeks.  I’ll get a better one up later.

The other night I mixed up the pastry for the lemon tart shells.

lemony goodness!

I didn’t use the “family” lemon curd recipe; I used the one I linked in the other entry.  It is VERY good!  Tasty and tangy.  The tart shells puffed up quite a bit when baking, so there wasn’t a lot of space to ‘fill’.  I tamped down the center with a wooden handle and got more filling in there.  In talking to my mom, she had a proprietary tool that my dad made her to deal with this exact problem.  I might have to borrow that next time.  I just rolled the pastry into 24 little balls, then smooshed each one into the mini-tart shell.  They still taste fabulously good!

The princess is still favouring her leg.

look, mommy - this is the leg that's sore!

(She rarely lays with her back legs stretched out like that.  That’s Apollo’s favourite napping position – Apollo Long Legs.)

Since we’ve been dealing with her leg pain, (and her mental/psychological “OMG – my leg, my leg” drama) we’ve been trying to make things more accommodating for her.  We removed the frame from our bed.  When we replaced the bed a few years ago, we ended up with the newer “deep pocket” style box spring and mattress, so when placed upon our old/existing bed frame, it was quite high, almost 30″ off the ground at the top.  Once she decided that she couldn’t jump off the bed any more, we removed the frame and the box spring is on the floor, so the bed itself is only about 19″ off the ground.  She still has the mindset that it’s going to hurt to jump up/down, regardless of the fact that the bed now hits her at the armpit practically and she could easily just ‘step’ up onto it.

no problem here!

Apollo has discovered that our bed is MUCH, MUCH more comfy than ‘his’ bed.  So he’s of the opinion that if she’s not going to use it, he will!


4 thoughts on “Crazytown”

  1. awww…cute doggie
    and happy birthday to the nice officer…! The watch cap is very classy. And your lemon tarts have me in a twist…ooo:)
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Aw, poor baby girl! I’m sorry her leg is still bothering her and I think you guys are the sweetest parents in the world for changing your bed down for her. 🙂

    Those tarts look adorably delicious! And happy birthday again to the Big Guy, I hope this next year brings health and happiness for you all, sending healing vibes to la Princesa Dramatica.

  3. awwwww, you didn’t use Aunt Gert’s lemon curd recipe! I really like it, but because no one else in my house likes lemon tarts, I just buy a small jar of it at the grocery store and always have some on hand. Again, Apollo looks devastatingly handsome and sauve laying on your bed!

    1. That lemon curd that I used is pretty tasty! Aunt Gert’s seemed to have a lot of butter in it compared to the other.

      Apollo looks like a big beached whale on my bed. But a handsome whale, I’ll give you that!

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