the saddest face in the world

is right here:

I haz a sad.

This is one of those unfortunate snapshots taken that is completely out of context.  How could he possibly be so sad when he’s ensconced in comfort on our bed?!

mad dog! mad dog!!

And the rest of the story:

cradled in the lap of luxury ...

with his head on daddy’s pillow.

a better photo of the big fella's socks


Fishy Wishy in a Dishy


Psychotic Pumpkin

Two skeins of yummy sock yarn from See Jayne Knit. They are both superwash 100% merino sock weight but the Fishy Wishy is an extra generous 170 grams.  I will have to give some thought on what I’m going to do with them.  They’re very lovely.

So of course today was Christmas.  We had a nice quiet day at home before heading out to my parents’ for a wonderful family supper.

Xmas brunch

That was all done in the oven – no standing over a hot frying pan.  Overnight oven french toast, baked bacon and shirred eggs.  Yummy.  Easy peasy, too.  And super delish.

There were some gifts:

Apollo likes his squeakies UNstuffed

Santa brought her an electric blanket

and a squeaky shark with removable squeaker-eggs!  The blanket has three heat settings and an automatic shutoff so she won’t roast.  It’s very cozy and cuddly.  If she can’t sleep with us to stay warm due to her bum leg, at least she’ll be toasty.

it's all over for another year

Sabrina had another incident with her leg today, so she’ll have to take it easy(ier).  She forgets herself and when she gets excited to go for a w-a-l-k she hurts her leg again.  So we ambled a long for a little bit of fresh air.   If it’s not any better with enforced rest and anti-inflams we’ll have to go see Dr. Ann again next week.  Poor little girlie.

So I mustn’t have been as big a curmudgeonly bitch as I thought this year because I got some awesome loot for Xmas – a Sony eReader (digital book reader), a Flip HD video camera and a gorgeous Namaste Monroe knitting bag!! Wooo!  We tried out the video and it’s pretty darn slick.  Easy interface and software and operation.  We hooked it up to the tv and watched them in high def.  Very nice.

I finished knitting up the mittens with the reclaimed Sweet Georgia Superwash Worsted (from that watch cap).  I’ll get pics up for next time!


5 thoughts on “the saddest face in the world”

  1. Oh those big big eyes! Love the sneezing pic, and of course the bacon and eggs and buttered toast, nomnomnom.

    I love that you guys got Sabrina her own electric blanket, you really are the best princess parents ever. I’m bummed though that her leg is still bum. 😦

    Happy Boxing Day!

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