I did promise you mitten photos

and here they are:

modeled with aplomb

I ripped back that Wide Cuff Watch Cap and knit up these mittens.


I didn’t get dramatic pooling as I had hoped, but I still love how they turned out.  They’re nice and warm, too!

warm paws are a good thing

A little beer can also be a good thing:

Apollo came to us with an already-acquired taste for beer.  He swears it helps his arthritic shoulder …

As I had ripped out that hat to liberate the yarn for the mittens, I took some of that gorgeous Cascade 220 Heathers in “galaxy” and knocked out a quick Wide Cuff Watch Cap:

the colour is #4006, a purply dark heathery yarn

That’s not quite the colour …

close, but not quite

It’s a really rich, dark, dark purply-black.  I love it, and I’m not a lover of purple.

I started some socks using some wonderful Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock Yarn in colour “river”:

"river" in daylight with no flash

The colourway is lovely – turquoise/cream/tan/brown.  I planned on making the leg a bit longer than I normally do, so I could use as much of the generous 425 yards/115 g hank.  This is an 80% merino wool, 20% sock yarn so it’s very soft.  I cast on 72 stitches, ribbed 1.5″, then decreased to 68 stitches (my usual number) and did another 2.5″ of 3×1 rib.

yes, I love my heated blankie!

Yesterday the big fella and I dusted off our skis and went out for a 5 km loop.  Neither of us had skied since we moved here in 2008.  We both felt it after we were done, and today.  Actually, now that I think about it, this is the first time I’ve skied since my whole back/shoulder problems started in 2008.  While a lot of things ached, it wasn’t that particular ailment.  We had hoped it was like riding a bike and while it wasn’t a particularly challenging trail, we did get a good work out and it all came back to us.

We’re back into some brutal wind chill values again.  Poopers are content to just dash out in the yard to do their business then get warm again.

here's mud ... er, a paw in yer eye!



2 thoughts on “I did promise you mitten photos”

  1. Your stuff is amazing! Mom could use some mittens – although she ruins quite a few pairs feeding the horses. She loves the bright colors!


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