As per usual at Chez Royea, none of us made it to midnight to ring in the new year. Not a big concern for us.  It’s also 30-something below out so we’re quite happy to stay in and be warm.

mmm, heated blankets are the best!

Sabrina seems to have jumped into becoming geriatric in the last month.  She will be 9 on the 12th.  She is still favouring that leg and refuses to even go down the hallway to our bedroom, let alone jump on the bed.  Her leg is a little weak, but I think her major ailment is in her head.  She took a header down the deck stairs the other night.  She’d been doing really well the previous number of days going cautiously down the stairs, so I didn’t go out and escort her.  But the one time I didn’t and wham, down she went.  She banged her other back leg up and again her head equated “descending stairs = evil”.  Sigh.  If she wasn’t such a freak about being carried, we would just tote her up and down the stairs, into the car etc, but she doesn’t like that at all.  We can take her out for short, slow-paced walks but that’s all.

leather cover for my Sony Reader

I wanted to get a case/cover for my new Sony Reader.  The one that Sony makes and the other one sold on Amazon were both said to be poor cases, they didn’t fit right, so I went to eBay and found this nice green leather one in the UK.

fits like a glove

I had always thought that I wouldn’t use an e-reader because I didn’t want to be buying books for it.  A few weeks before Christmas I found out my library had ebooks to “borrow”, so I looked into it more.  In addition to library books, buying books, it can also read Word documents, pdf files, etc.  and I believe audio books as well.  I can put knitting patterns on it!  I love it.

silly boy

The big fella is working with Traffic Services tonight and I have some new files to work on for Contract #2.  Hope to get in some knitting time, later, too.

Sabrina's well enough to disembowel the shark

5 thoughts on “2011”

  1. Hi, I found your greyhound sweater pattern awhile ago on Ravelry and hope to get started on one soon. Sabrina and Apollo seem very sweet and fun. The “Boom Boom” walk is so cute! I’ve tried it with one of my boys so far and he kind of did it, very fun.

  2. Aw. I read your entry to Nick and he kept saying, “aw…aw…aw!” 😉 We wish the Princess would just get better! Not even walking down the hall now, even after you’ve cut the bed down to her level? Lordy. Perhaps a palanquin is in order. 😉

    I’m so sorry she fell down the stairs though, that is awful and scary. Ugh, the ONE time! I know how that feels.

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