What day is it?

I kept thinking Sunday was Monday, Saturday was Sunday, and today is Thursday.  ??  Stat holidays mess me up.

Apollo was playing with Sabrina’s squeaky shark.  One of the eggs fell out and Sabrina had to come and put a smackdown on the fun.

cool stripes on the heel!

That gives me a great idea for some striped mittens.  Speaking of mittens, these came in the mail today:

5" bamboo dps

Short dps that will work great for mitten thumbs.

I’ve been doing lots of work, but I managed to get both socks to the heel flap, and turned one heel.  That Sweet Georgia yarn is so delicious!

Sabrina is still gimping along, but she’s had a few days in a row where she’s not fallen down or over, so hopefully she’s on the mend.


4 thoughts on “What day is it?”

  1. Watching Sabrine limp like this makes me think of our Josy having had her cruciate ligament ruptured… have you checked that?
    Oh and I like the colours of that yarn!
    Tina in Germany

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