Happy Birthday, Sabrina!

Our little princess is 9 today. I’m in the running for the worst grey-mom of the year, because I had to take her to the vet today (and Apollo’s b.day in December was when they went in for their dentals …).

ol' white-face!

She’s gotten so grey white this past year.

Gotcha Day, 26 Mar 2006
this was her on her Gotcha Day, March 2006

Anyway, back to the vet.  Since she hurt her leg way back on Dec 6th, Sabrina’s alternated between limping a little, not using the leg at all (hopping) and seeming relatively okay.  She seems a lot more cranky lately (maybe because her leg hurts) and just wants to lay on her heated blanket and have me hand feed roasted chicken morels to her.  Last week she was more limpy and I called for an appointment.  Dr. Anne works Wed/Thurs, so the earliest appointment was for today.  Yesterday and the day before, she was hobbling along horribly.

It was an ordeal to get her in the car/out of the car and because it was traumatic, she had her foot curled up when we got into the vet, just like she did on Dec 8th.  She can jump on and off the couch (which is about the same height as the car seat) but in her mind, she thinks it’s going to hurt to jump down from our bed, the car, etc., so tenses up and yelps anyway.  Dr. Anne gave her a thorough exam, unfortunately she yelped a lot and I felt horrible.  Dr. Anne showed us the x-rays that they took in December and there’s no skeletal issues, there didn’t seem to be any problems in the lower spine.  She narrowed it down to either still being that inner thigh muscle strain/pull that we haven’t let rest enough, or else it’s soft tissue injury in the sacrum area.  My Google, M.D. has been upgraded to Google, DVM and there are a few things it could be.  We decided to try a different med; the anti-inflams didn’t seem to do much, so we are trying a muscle relaxant (Robax, just like what I sometimes use for my back).

After her traumatic time at the vet, it was a challenge to get her back out of the car and into the house.  She flopped down on the bed.  Apollo came over right away (he stayed home) and sniffed her and checked her out, then laid down beside her.

looking after his sister

So the plan is to keep her activity restricted for two weeks, give her the muscle relaxants and check back with the vet.  If there’s no improvement, we’ll get a referral to the orthopaedic vet in Saskatoon.  Interestingly, Dr. Anne agreed with us that to a certain extent, some of the perceived pain/trauma is mental.  She is really a delicate little creature and just the thought of jumping up/down from the bed made her shake.  She tenses up and yelps in anticipation, not that it actually hurt.  When she jumps on/off the couch, she is fine.  So the new medication should help with that, too.  Right now she’s zonked out on the dog beds under the window, tucked under a nice warm fleece.

I was thinking last night about how since late summer she’s seemed more fragile – unsteady going down the stairs, etc.  Even before she hurt herself in December, she’d fallen on the deck stairs a couple of times and slipped on the laminate flooring in the house.  We now have pathways in the house with carpet runners and a large rug in the kitchen.  I have trouble remembering that she’s a senior girlie.

I put in a lot of work the past three days; tomorrow I’ll get some housework done.  Blech to the housework, but it needs it.

finished the socks!

(Don’t view that pic in a larger size; I haven’t shaved my legs.  C’mon, -37°C wind chill here today …)  I made these longer than I usually do, and I think I may continue to do so on future pairs.  I started with 72 stitches and did 1.5″ of 2×2 rib, then I decreased to 68 st and worked 2.5″ of 3×1 rib, then did the rest of the sock in stocking stitch.  The leg was 7.75 when I started the heel flap.

They were made from the gorgeous Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock Yarn in “river”.

love how those heels striped out!


Apollo Gump!

As soon as I took that pic, I put that shark in the wash!  Filthy thing.  Sabrina LOVES him!


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Sabrina!”

  1. What a great post! Dogs are something else. One never knows what’s going on in their little heads. I once had a dog that would actually yelp whenever I would plant a kiss on the top of his head. (Yes, I kiss my fur-babies.) I thought that I was really hurting him somehow, until I did an experiment & just pretended to give him a kiss….he yelped & howled & I didn’t even touch him. He was a real nut, but lovable. I still miss him.

    Socks look great. I love the part about shaving your legs. LOL! I do the same thing. Yay socks are finished…darn the legs aren’t shaved. I can’t blog about them or show them yet.

  2. Happy belated birthday, Sabrina! We really hope you get finally better now with your new meds!
    Dingo, Flavie, Myrtille and Bisou (with broken leg) in Germany

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