Poor Sabrina

She’s feeling pretty rough.  I think the vet examination and trauma getting in/out of the car have knocked her back a bit.

Apollo lends his support

She had some trouble on the deck stairs last night at supper time.  It was so cold out and by the time she’d done her business, her feet were pretty cold and she balked coming up the stairs.  The big fella managed to coax her up the stairs, but she didn’t like it and yelped.  She had to go out again about 3:30 a.m. and this time it was much worse trying to get her up the stairs.

This morning I knew she wouldn’t have to go out for a while, so I didn’t initiate any trips in the yard.  I was going to wait for her to ask to go out or need to go out.  She spent most of the day on one of the beds under the window with her electric blanket.   She was really not using that leg at all, like she was afraid to put weight on it.  However, when I got her standing and massaged it, and had her shift her weight, she can stand on it without any pain.

It's been a tough day.

She got up and stretched and walked around a bit this afternoon and got on the couch, her usual post.  The big fella called and I expressed my concern over her not being able to go up/down stairs.  She weighs 67 lbs and we could carry her up/down as needed, but she also FREAKS OUT if you try to life her up or carry her, so I don’t know which would be worse.  Her psychosomatic leg pain (aka stairs are evil), or her freaking out a bit while she’s being carried.  She definitely has hurt something, but her brain is making it seem worse.  Like she braces herself for it to hurt, even when it doesn’t.

Once the big fella got home, we got her coat on and encouraged her to go outside.  The big fella and Apollo went down to the yard first, then I got Sabrina to walk out with me and I escorted her down the stairs, one by one – slowly.  She did her business and came back to the stairs and after one balk and a retry, she did make her way up them beside me.  So that made me feel better that she could actually do that and maybe it would stick in her brain that she can do it, too.

In other news, I realized yesterday that I could use my Sony Reader (electronic book reader) on the elliptical – because I can increase the font size so I don’t need my reading glasses!  I’m thrilled!  It makes the 45 minutes fly by.  I finished a book and started a new one today.  Love it!!


5 thoughts on “Poor Sabrina”

  1. Hey, that is a wonderful idea about the elliptical reading trick! I have been mulling over the idea of buying one of those gizmos. I love to read in bed but find books so heavy to hold up…getting old…and I do love my elliptical machine in the morning.

    I am so sorry to hear about Sabrina. Would it be possible to build her a ramp? I know what you mean about it being her brain…My Boston has a phobia about her back. If a stranger tries to pet her on her side she screams sometimes. The vet can’t find any reason for it.

    Anywho, hang in there and hope it all gets better soon.

    1. Thanks, Aline. Actually we have been talking about a ramp over the deck stairs for a while now. Then I saw this post http://genjiscorner.blogspot.com/2011/01/sixteen-dogs-for-christmas.html and that is exactly what we’re going to build as soon as the snow goes.

      As for the ebook reader, I liked the idea of one, but didn’t want to get one and have to buy books for it. A few weeks before Christmas I realized that my library has eBooks to lend, so that sold me. I LOVE it, for reading in bed, it will be great for travelling and it’s perfect for elliptical and I imagine dreadmill, too.

  2. Hi Terri – I first saw your blog as part of the knitting ring and then was woo’d by the dogs – too cute. When my big girl got older and had trouble with the stairs we used a ramp like the one you linked to – it worked great (she had degenerative joint disease) but I live in an area that gets a lot of rain and freezes on a regular basis in the winter. For traction we had to add some rubberized strips since even the gentle incline of the ramp could get slippery. With the rubber strips my dogs paws and claws seemed to get enough traction.

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