Sabrina Update

Unfortunately, things have not improved with Sabrina.  We are still giving her the muscle relaxants, but they haven’t had much effect.  I have been in contact with Dr. Anne and we’re getting a referral to the orthopaedic specialist at the vet school at the university.

Apollo's worried, too.

We should be able to get in on Thursday, paying an “emergency” fee.  I don’t want her to wait any longer than needed to get a definitive diagnosis and learn what we can do to help her.  I really think it’s lumbosacral stenosis.  That’s bad news.  She is showing many of the symptoms listed there, and at her examination last Wednesday, she was really tender in that area.  I’d noticed since the summer she’s seemed more frail, and unsteady on the stairs.  I think maybe her awkward jump-off-the-bed may have aggravated whatever it is to become this debilitating.

She is now allowing me to carry her up the deck stairs when she’s done her business in the yard.  Her activity is very much reduced; she goes out to the yard, she eats and alternates from the dog beds under the window to the couch.  Since Friday she’s been having a lot of trouble with her hip lying down.  It’s  bothering us so much to see her like this.  She’s not herself.  Usually she follows me through the house during the day, nosing into the bathroom, sleeping beside me in the office, etc.  She is such a goofy princess.

uh oh! Apollo discovered the heated blanket!

I Santa should have bought two of those blankets when they were on sale.  But Apollo is usually a little furry white furnace.  But it has been pretty cold here the past number of days.

relegated to a regular old blanket ...


hanging out

We are trying to be optimistic, tempering that with realism.  We might not have a good result from the appointment on Thursday, but at least we should have a better idea of what we’re dealing with and what our treatment options will be.

Apollo brings the comic relief "arrr, I'm a shark!"

Thank you all for your kind comments and good thoughts for Sabrina.


15 thoughts on “Sabrina Update”

  1. So sorry to read about Sabrina’s troubles. I know how stressful it is when you don’t know how to make them feel better.

    I went through a lot of that with Picabou. I hope you get some good news at the Vet.

  2. I do hope you get some better news at the Vet`s than you expect – but even if not you will finally know for sure what is wrong and hopefully how you can help your girl!
    My own vet appointment frequency has now decreased to every third day for bandage changes on Bisou’s leg… Glad for that!

  3. My family is holding good thoughts for Sabrina. Hoping you receive a definitive diagnosis…knowing is better than not…and treatment options for an excellent prognosis.

  4. We’re so sorry for her discomfort and wish you luck with the appointment. She’s such a little princess, hopefully they’ll be able to make her feel better.

  5. Poor puppy. I hope you figure out what’s wrong soon, and that the prognosis is good. Hugs from me, and kisses from her cousin.

    Hugs to you and Apollo too.

  6. Give Sabrina a big kissie from her Auntie to make her feel better. Hopefully the treatment options will work and she won’t have to have surgery. keeping my fingers crossed for her.

  7. Hi. Hope Sabrina is ok – it is always stressful when a ‘family member’ isn’t well. Good to know she has great people taking care of her. All the best to you guys.

  8. Hopefully they will give a definitive diagnosis on her condition. As for the ramp question, we had a neighborhood home improvement guy build it for us. It’s more steep than for wheelchair use, since we don’t have to follow code for people. Quite bit more than I thought it would cost, but every time I see Beth trot down the ramp by herself, I think it’s worth it. I still carry her up the inside stairs for bedtime 🙂

  9. I really hope they are able to give you some answers on Thursday! We’ll be thinking lots of healing thoughts over here!

  10. Sorry to hear the Princess isn’t doing well. I’ll be doing my best to send positive vibes your way, and hopefully you’ll be able to get a definitive diagnosis on Thursday. At least if the thing has a name you know what you’re dealing with.

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