First Weekend

We managed to make it through our first weekend without Sabrina.  Apollo has been a greyt help in our grief.  He’s come up to us for extra hugs and ear scritches (and bum scritches, but he gets embarrassed when I tell people about that).  I know he’s missing her presence.

Thank you all for your kinds words and comments.  It’s comforting to know she will be missed by more than just us.

I’m working on a post that will be sort of a eulogy for our Princess.

that pink poodle never saw her coming!

I have this little thing on our fridge that I found somewhere online:

Greyhound Lessons for People:

– Enjoy the simple pleasures of a walk
– Follow your instincts
– Never underestimate the value of a belly rub
– Be loyal and faithful
– Always drink plenty of water
– Sometimes it is best just to sit close and listen
– Be quick to forgive
– Avoid biting when a growl will do
– Keep digging until you find what you want
– Run and play daily
– Accept all of life’s treats with gratitude
– Life is short, pet often
– Love unconditionally

All good words to live by.


8 thoughts on “First Weekend”

  1. She was a terror to pink poodles, pink pigs and a grey Monk! *HUG* Remember her indignation at being scolded for trying to eat him?! One thing, of many, that I will always remember fondly about her!

  2. I am so very sorry for your loss. Fiona Whippet, I’m sure, met Sabrina when she crossed and they are now racing about and showing off their beautiful brindleness… Bri and Mini-Bri, terrorizing stuffy toys across the Rainbow Bridge.

    Sending you much love and continuing to hold you all in my heart.

    Lighting a candle for beautiful Sabrina. She was so lucky to be loved by such wonderful parents. Please kiss Apollo for me.

  3. Hi Terri, I just wanted to say how sorry I am hearing that you lost Sabrina. I too have a multitude of rescued dogs and know exactly the pain and heartache you are feeling. Take comfort in the knowledge that Sabrina had the absolute best life ever, she was truly a lucky dog to have been able to share so much of her life with you and to be treated with such respect and love that she so deserved. You were and are both so lucky to have each other and Apollo.

  4. Glad to see a post and thank you for the fridge words of wisdom, I think I will pass that along to someone special.

    I am so glad you have love and yarn to help you.

  5. Oh Terri, I’m so sorry to hear this. I’m crying right now. I know just how you feel, when you’re expecting something simple and curable, and it turns out very differently. You did the right thing, but I know it still hurts.

    Sabrina had the best life with you guys and was one lucky dog.

  6. Hello..there is not much to say that could help you…I’m so sorry for you and Sabrina! She was a real Princess!
    Sabrina and Apollo are both so adorable and beautiful!
    Sabrina had the best home with you and Apollo and surely enjoyed her life with you!
    Through my tears…I send you my supporting wishes and warm hugs for all of you!
    Teje with Nero

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