getting back into it

I’ve had a bit of trouble getting myself back into my usual routine since last Thursday.  I just didn’t really care too much if I did some chores or did some baking.  Today I tried to do better.

I’d been meaning to try a coconut cupcake recipe for a while.  I came across this recipe which is a variation of Ina Garten’s famous cupcake recipe. This recipe is halved, and uses a little less butter, sugar and eggs proportionately.

the recipe makes 1 dozen

I halved the icing recipe.  How much do those people use?!  I could have quartered it and it would have been plenty.

I had to make my usual sacrifice and eat one so that you, my readers, could see the inside

The coconut in the batter makes it nice and chewy.  There’s buttermilk which adds a nice flavour.  And make sure you beat the butter and sugar for the full five minutes.  It really does make a difference.

On Wednesday I set aside my work files and Apollo and I took my (new) van to Saskatoon to go to (what I like to call) Knit Club at Prairie Lily to see Judy and the girls..  The night before I had the big fella bring in the dog beds from the car so they could warm up and in the morning we’d all be warm for the drive down.  Apollo rushed over to them, gave them a good sniffing, and snuggled up on them for the entire night.  He obviously could smell Sabrina’s scent on them.  Poor boy .

he misses his sister

He seems to be doing okay; the first few days he wandered around the house looking for her.  But now he seems to be used to her absence.  The big fella and I are doing better, too, but it’s still a noticeable void.

so handsome



9 thoughts on “getting back into it”

  1. Handsome and sweet!

    There’s a homeopathic remedy you can take, if you’re open to that kind of thing. It’s called ignatia. You can dose Apollo too. I’ve used homeopathic remedies on my dogs, with positive results, although I would never use them on a cat.

  2. oh honey, I’m so sorry. I haven’t been reading blogs lately, and I’m having a rough weekend (see my blog) so I decided to reconnect with all I used to follow.

    Hugs to you all!

  3. The cupcakes look fantastic. I can’t remember how Nick feels about coconut but I think we’ll have to try those. I think I’ll have him go through your blog and pick out which sweet treat he’d like us to make together. (Yes, that is our idea of fun around here. :))

    It’s bittersweet when they look for what you’ve lost, isn’t it? I mean, a part of me feels glad to know that they still miss them too, and another part feels bad because there’s nothing you can do. It sort of made me sad when they stopped looking for my mother, or Tahoe. It’s a tiny, tiny bit of losing them again. The hole never really fills up, I just try to keep putting the happy memories in there instead of the aching loss of a void. But it’s hard. We’ve been robbed of so much time and the sheer unfairness makes it hard to focus on what we did have. Some days are easier than others.
    Love to you guys,

    1. Thanks, Wendy. We are doing better. Apollo has developed some interesting traits in the past two weeks, though. He’s much more demanding and whiny (i.e. where’s my beer, bitch?! WHINE WHINE WHINE) and he’s started following me around the house like Biner used to do. And he’s being much more vocal – about everything! It’s kind of funny! Check out the Recipe page for all the links to stuff I’ve made that has ‘made the cut’.

  4. Doesn’t that last picture of Apollo make you want to just kiss him between the eyes? Sweet, sweet Kilroy boy. 🙂

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