many more thanks

to you all for your beautiful comments and caring thoughts. Things are getting easier, I suppose, now that the shock has worn off and we’re not expecting to see her whenever we glance at the couch or look in the bedroom.

pretty flowers
beautiful flowers we received from some greyhound friends

I’ve been busy with work (both contracts) so that’s been good for keeping my mind occupied.  I’ve been working on some socks, but they’re slow going.  I need to buckle down.  When I was at Knit Club last week I picked up 7 hanks of Cascade 220 Heathers in that “galaxy” colour.  I think it should be enough to make myself some kind of sweater.  I just checked my project notes for the Central Park Non-Hoodie and I only used 5 hanks for that; and that’s with cables.

Going to try a new stew recipe tomorrow – I’ll report back to you if it’s a good one!


5 thoughts on “many more thanks”

  1. Terri, I just read your ravelry project page re your hoodless CP Hoodie. In your comments there you mentioned that you had two failed attempts at the Must Have cardi. It is in my plans for 2011 and I’m wondering what troubles you had with that pattern.

    1. The first time I tried to make it I made the back and 1.5 fronts before I gave up. I blame the cursed Patons Classic Wool in “paprika”. Because it HAD to be the yarn’s fault, right? Ha. Then I tried it with the Cascade 220. My biggest problem was losing my place on the various charts, even though I had made an Excel spreadsheet that showed all the charts and all the repeats. It wasn’t a problem with the pattern, it was definitely “user error” on my part. It’s a really cute project. I did some waist shaping on the back when I used the Cascade; it’s quite boxy if you don’t do some shaping. I like to have a little waist shaping in my sweaters.

      Hmm, now I’m thinking about trying it again! There are a lot of helpful posts on Ravelry about it, I think there’s a knit-along group, etc. And of course project notes.

  2. I was going to wait until I’d finished mine, but this seems like the perfect time to let you know that your CPH notes and pictures have really helped me out a lot along the way! (And besides, yours is beautiful.)

    I’m working on attaching the sleeves to mine now!

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