Apollo takes the torch

and carries on with Sabrina’s knitwear modelling:

more like thigh-highs!

I finished these socks the other day. They’re knee high socks; I worked the leg about 12.5 inches from the cast on to the beginning of the heel flap.  Not quite identical twins.

Meilenweit Colour #710

I did some calf shaping at the centre back:

the decreases blended into the ribs

They turned out pretty good. The yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit MegaBoots Stretch.  Nice colourways, but the way the yarn is plied drove me nuts. It is very loosely spun and the black ply kept separating from the colour. Hard on the eyes.

molten lava cakes FTW!

I couldn’t decide which Creme Brulee recipe to try on Sunday.  (I had big problems with the Ina Garten version and haven’t found a replacement yet.)   So I made lava cakes instead. Always a winner!

Yesterday I made this chicken and wild rice soup:

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

It turned out pretty good. I omitted the curry powder, though. It makes a LOT. I froze about half of it.  The soup looked and tasted really good before I added the half-and-half cream.  The broth was nice and golden brown.  I might leave it out next time.  Still very tasty.

Brownie Cookies

I couldn’t decide to bake something or just pick u a mixed-dozen at Timmy’s tomorrow for Knit Club. These are easy and really tasty.

And I started a new hat – some sort of slouchy waffle hat.  I haven’t decided how I’m going to do it yet.  I just cast on 100 stitches, did some ribbing and now am starting the waffle/Harris Tweed patterning.


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