V. Day

We decided to go out for lunch yesterday (to our favourite place) instead of fighting the crowds at supper.  Good call!

I got the big fella one of these:

2011 Giant Suede

He’s been riding a crappy old WalMart bike that I rode for a couple of years.  He keeps blowing out the front tire, so instead of buying new tires/tubes/wheels, I treated him.  Plus, I won’t have to ride beside him on that horrible old junker.  Heh.

Valentine's flowers
18 pink roses!

And I had great plans to make these “Red Velvet Lamington” cakes, but had too much work to do.  Another day …



5 thoughts on “V. Day”

  1. funny. i’m reading this in a coffee shop while I wait for the bike shop to open. I blew a tyre and am waiting for the bike shop to open.
    if you love to ride a bike, investing in a good one is … well, it’s a good investment. duh. i had a giant. not a commuter like that one, but a mountain bike. they’re good bikes.
    now let me get back to past reading.

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