We’re getting tired of winter

and the -34° C we had today.  It warmed up to -25, but then the wind came up.

Apollo has the right idea:

"wake me up when it starts to melt"

Work has been keeping me well-occupied.  I love working from home.  It means I have to be fairly regimented in my scheduling of my day, and not goof off and knit all day long!

I haven’t finished my Boneyard Shawl that I’d been working on.  I really like that pattern – it makes the yarn the star.  Perfect for non-solid sock yarns.  I have some  more really nice soft sock yarn that would work well with this.  I also started another hat – using the same Sweet Georgia orange worsted.  I’m trying a different slouchy style hat.  The waffle hat was cute, but the Harris Tweed is not a soft, drapey, slouchy fabric.  I am also looking at sweater patterns to make myself something with that wonderful Cascade 220 in the “galaxy” colourway.  There’s a few contenders!

I'm so handsome!



4 thoughts on “We’re getting tired of winter”

  1. I had no idea it was that cold today! I heard my roof cracking and making scarey noises in the morning while I napped and read a book in bed, but it didn’t catch in my brain that it was FREAKING COLD outside. What a shock when I went out for coffee in the afternoon and nearly froze my hands. Yes, and Apollo does look handsomer than ever.

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