-41 or -42, your choice

Celsius or Farenheit.  It’s damned cold, whichever you choose.  Wind chill, why must you smite us so all winter long?

Cashmerino Boneyard Shawl

The shawl after blocking. It blocked out to 46″ wing span and 23.5″ depth at center. I probably could have been more aggressive and got it to 48 x 24, but it’s nice and soft and drapey as it is.

so soft!

This shows the colours very close to true. Such a gorgeous yarn!

Devil's Food cupcakes

I whipped up a batch of these last night. We had Giada’s mac and cheese (remember if you use this recipe, the flour amount is 2.5 TABLEspoons, not what it says) for supper, too. Yum.  for the cupcakes, I made a half-batch of icing and it was just the right amount.  I don’t like them towering with icing.  But I suppose if you were going to pipe it on all fancy-like, you’d use the full recipe for that.

again, with the sacrifices

so you could see the yummy insides.  I baked this batch only about 16.5 minutes instead of the 18-20 that I did last time.  They are much more moist and chocolatey.  This time it yielded 18 cupcakes.


4 thoughts on “-41 or -42, your choice”

    1. No, I LOVE that you showed me that pattern. It’s addicting. I’ve done three of them so far, just like I did three Clapotises … Clapotii? It’s a FABulous pattern!

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