Sweet Georgia yarn, revisited

I unraveled that Harris Tweed Slouchy hat and redid it as a stocking stitch slouchy hat.  I used the same 100 stitch cast on, did just 2″ of 2×2 rib and then knit until the entire length was 9″ before doing the crown decreases.

slouchy side view

I used 4 mm needles.  I think I could have gone up to 4.5 mm for a more drapey fabric.

styro head does the modeling


the back (obviously)

The temp warmed up this afternoon, but the wind – aaaiiiyyeeee – the wind!  Windchill sucks.


5 thoughts on “Sweet Georgia yarn, revisited”

  1. If you like slouchy hats, Terri, you should try Ysolda Teague’s Ripley hat. I’ve made 2 of them. They’re a quick knit with an interesting band of lace at the crown.

  2. hmmm, I like the slouchy hat idea, but the orange reminds me of a big pumpkin. I make toques that color orange for hunters you know! I would like the pattern if you wrote it down.

    1. It’s not as brazen as blaze orange; it’s got nice little tonal variations in it. But it is still pretty ORANGE!!

      The pattern is my basic one you can find here http://www.ravelry.com/projects/TerriRoyea/wide-cuff-watch-cap-part-deux . Just make the body of the hat (from the cast on) about 9″ before you start doing the crown decreases. You can make the ribbing however you want.

      ** I should say that for the orange one, I only did 2″ of ribbing and it is NOT folded over like the watch cap one, so you’d have to adjust your hat body length if you were going to double the ribbing over. So to make it slouchy with that wide ribbed cuff, you’d have to knit something like 11″ or so before the crown decreases.

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