Creme Brulée FTW!

I once used Ina Garten’s brulée recipe and had very poor results.  I looked at dozens of recipes online and in my cookbooks and they were all different regarding the egg to cream ratio, baking times, etc.

Cooking for Engineers’ recipe sounded pretty good:

Creme Brulée
doesn't it make you want to dig in?

I baked it for 55 minutes and it was perfect.  I chilled it for 6 hours yesterday before we had supper and it was set perfectly.  I also disregarded the chilling after the brulée-ing part in that recipe.  I cooled them to room temp after taking them out of the oven, then I put them in the fridge until we were ready for dessert.  I brulée’d the top, then served.  Yum.  This recipe’s a winner.

My cheapo torch is crapping out on me.  This still tasted delicious.  The big fella had TWO of them after our steak supper last night.


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