Hey! You forgot this …

assorted car bits left behind

when you HIT MY TREE!

The latest in the bad drivers/neighbours saga. Those lilac trees/shrubs are well inside our property line. When he was out looking at the damage, the big fella finally saw one of the neighbours and went to talk to her. Apparently, (so she says) Grandpa was backing out and couldn’t see the tree. Until he hit it. Uh huh. No drunkenness involved. Hmmmm.

Their driveway borders our lawn

There were shattered plastic car parts strewn all over the driveway and interspersed in the limbs of the shrubbery. This shit really has to stop. He hit it so hard that all the tree debris from autumn all fell out onto the snow.

all crunched to pieces

Really, I don’t need to know what they will do next. Nothing, I hope.

Apollo has a moment of monochromatic zen

I haven’t been able to settle on anything to knit. I’ve started a couple of projects then rip them out. I’ve been distracted with work. I need to sit down this weekend and get my knitting sorted out and get going on -something-. Anything!


9 thoughts on “Hey! You forgot this …”

  1. …again!?…wo that’s bad.
    you must be so restless without a WIP, I know I get anxious to line up the next even before the current one is done. Actually, my queue is heavy and I still jump over it too often when some new hot thing flashes by on Ravelry…hee!

    Apollo looks so peaceful and huggable.

  2. Um. Yeah. Two things you can’t choose: family and neighbours. I hope things clear up with them soon.

    It sounds like you need a project that’s different, but not necessarily crazy challenging. Let’s see, there’s been a lot of hats, mitts, and socks the last little while. How about a scarf? With mini-cables? Look up Shifting Sands Scarf. Or how about an interesting construction? Look up Botanica Medallion Cardigan. Or maybe you need to make something adorable. Look up Confused Moose, Boo the Bat, or anything by cheezombie. 🙂

  3. I hear your frustration. You can’t even put up a fence, because they’d wreck that too. And they obviously don’t care too much about their vehicles, so wrapping your tree in wire fencing to produce scratches in their paintwork wouldn’t work either.

    Thank goodness for greyhounds and knitting to keep us grounded, eh?

    Hope your knitting restlessness abates. And a good brisket rub to Apollo.

  4. Grandpa needs a refresher course in shoulder checking, or else he needs to buy a bus pass. Perhaps when the snow melts you could go and drive donuts on their lawn. Or maybe build a big electrified fence on the property line. Or build a deep moat with alligators or acid. Or set up a perimeter alarm that sets off a really loud siren when it’s crossed, and catch the whole thing on a security camera.

    Happy to help.

    Did you know there’s no snow in Buckeye right now? Also, there are two Cincinnati Reds baseball players living next door.

  5. catching up today.

    i didn’t know you had such charming neighbours. how horrible. it’s good that apollo can chill out during this drama. i’d be super peeved.

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