nothing to see, move along

I have nothing to offer you.  No knitting, no baking.  For supper tonight I made red chili chicken with rice and beans (a favourite of ours).

I'm not getting up until it starts to melt

Today it was warm and sunny enough for Apollo to go for a short walk without his coat!  We are tentatively optimistic that winter is winding down.  We received a ton of snow a couple of days ago.  On the race track in the back yard the snow is up to Apollo’s shoulders now.

I haven’t knit a stitch in days and days.  I’d planned to today, but with laundry and other Sunday things, I haven’t gotten around to it.  Back hard at work tomorrow morning.  I need to get on top of the huge pile of files I have scattered in my office.  I even had to move some yarn from my book case in there to downstairs to make room!

I was looking for a new cupcake recipe to try, but haven’t found one yet.  Maybe tomorrow night I can get some baking done.


5 thoughts on “nothing to see, move along”

  1. We all have those days, or weeks! I was thrilled on Saturday to be able to hike in shirt sleeves. The girls had a great time, too!

    Now I’m going to be thinking about cupcakes! Dieting and blogging don’t mix! lol

  2. I am forcing Spring to come out and show herself. I am going to put away my winter clothes and take out my Spring/Summer clothes.

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