Don’t you just love technology …

until you HATES IT!!!!

Sigh.  I spent the bulk of the day yesterday trying to figure out why all of a sudden one of my work files wouldn’t open, and in fact would shut down MS Word immediately every time I tried to do so.  I needed that file and didn’t relish the thought of retyping all 27 pages of it, inserting charts and images, etc.  I tried to open it from my sent email where I’d attached it; nope.  I tried to open it from my external hard drive back-up (which backs up changed files every day) and same result.  It backs up every day, so obviously it backed up the file with whatever corruption made it unusable.

That got me thinking about my ext hd and the back up software.  I had never been completely pleased with it, but it was a 1 terrabyte drive whereas my older one was only 500 GB.  So I decided to remove it, reinstall my old ext hd and back that all up again.  Some 22,800 data files later, and I was set.

I also restored my computer to Sunday (I set a restore point each week after I’ve run scans) and everything seemed to work better.  I opened Word and then tried to open the “bad” file – and this time it worked.  I have no idea what was up with that.  I had been listening to some streaming audio on line the other day (live365), so who knows what that might have done.  ??

So I’ve lost a day’s work/$$ but am back at it today.

The other day, in between files, I made these:

a dozen delicious buns

I used my bread machine to make the dough.

look at that flaky bun!

I omitted the suggested nuts/raisins because I don’t like them in my cinnamon buns.  I also didn’t ice them; I like my buns to be cinnamony and sugary and being able to taste the sweet dough, not to be overwhelmed with cream cheese icing or a glaze.  I will definitely add this to my recipe page and make them again.

Hat with cabled/chained yarn
a basic kind of hat

I also finally managed to finish knitting something. A hat, using some cabled/chained yarn.

Nashua "Vignette" in #001 "tropical sea"

I liked the yarn in the ball, but knitting it was a little weird. It is 100% superwash wool, but felt like acrylic or something else because of the texture of the strand. The yarn is classified as “chained” because it’s not a spun/twisted strand, but rather like a strand of very fine i-cord.

6 point crown decreases

I have another two balls of this in a different colourway.   I might make a slouchy hat or some mittens with them.


6 thoughts on “Don’t you just love technology …”

  1. I love that yarn! It feels so weird! I have been making experimental test patterns for my Fall stock. I have adjusted the baby cabled hat pattern so it works for adult sizes. It is really fast to work up and looks good. I also altered a mitten pattern to add one column of the baby cable. It works really well with plain old Sayelle so I am going to use up some of my Sayelle stash on those. Plus I’ve been picking away at dishcloths, and I made a slouchy hat casting on 80 stitches, but it was too large around the ears, so I ripped it out and am reworking it with only 70 stitches. I think that will make it tight enough. I also made it the 9 inches long before the decreases and it looked really good. I am going to make a few of those also for Fall.

  2. Yum, yum, you have the best looking buns!

    Bummer about the frustrating file, but I’m glad you were able to resolve it.

    Superwash yarn can have such a strange texture with that anti-felting coating, but the chained yarn must make for a nice squishiness.

  3. I feel your pain! I have been struggling with technology for the past two weeks at work, and unfortunately, it’s all out of my hands. Argh.

    Those cinnamon buns have set my tummy a-rumbling! Yum!

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