hound quotient +1

Welcome home, Ava!

"4th place I've slept in about three weeks ... who ARE you people?!"

We made a quick trip to Edmonton Friday to pick up Apollo’s new little sister.  Her name is Jimbo Beach, but we’re going to call her Ava.  She’s just a wee little bit of a girl, only 55 pounds, so she didn’t need a big long name.  When we got in to the city Friday we went to meet her at her foster home and to make sure Apollo gave his approval.  He did.  We spent a couple of hours there, then came back Saturday morning to load her up and head out.

We did make a quick stop to visit Vanessa and her foster, Duchess.  Such a pretty dog!  She was hilariously put-out when Apollo usurped the biggest bed in the living room, then later, Ava did the same with the smaller bed.  Poor Duchess!

Are you my new mommy?

So Ava’s a little red brindle girl.  Sabrina was a dark brindle; Ava’s coat is very red.  We were tossing around “red” names – Cinnamon, Cinnabun, Lucy.  Oh, Vanessa, by the way, the Little Red-Haired Girl’s name is Heather.  We didn’t think she looked like a Heather.  Anyway, Ava it is.

When we got home, I took her out in the yard and she had a good sniff around and did some business.  She’s wearing Sabrina’s hand-me-downs right now.  Sabrina’s little red fleece coat fits her okay, but the others are way too long in the torso.  I think her raincoat will fit okay; it always was a little short on Biner.

Apollo seems to be comfortable with Ava’s presence in his world.

I'm not a only child any more!

There was a brief moment of contention – Ava discovered the heated blanket later last night and Apollo thought maybe she should go back on her own blanket.  Then when Apollo was on the heated blanket, Ava stood over him, almost trying to intimidate him into moving.  Not that it would have worked.  She’s really a sweet, little un-diva like girl (so far).

Ha! I have the electric blanket for now!

We all had a long day (exacerbated by the douchebags in the hotel room next to us Friday night that were creating a disturbance until after 4 a.m., including two calls by us to the front desk and Security coming down to talk to them).  Ava and Apollo travelled quite comfortably for the six hour drive home.

When they had supper, Ava decided she would stand up on her back feet and see if there was more of that roast chicken on the counter that we put on her kibble.  NO!  We’ll all get settled in and she’ll get used to her new home.  She crated without a fuss last night.  I let her out at 6ish this morning and we went out to do some business.  When we came back in, she willingly went into her crate and went back to sleep, door open.

She’s a fast little girl, too.  I see on her greyhound data info, she dropped out of race school to have kids.  She can run, though!  When we’ve been out in the yard, if I call her from the other end of the yard, she is a blur as she runs up to me!  Her siblings were all prolific racers, and her sisters were all broodies, too.  I wonder if she was just a little small for racing?  She sure has the genes for speed, though!

oh, what a face!

So we are now a family of four again.  I’m sure she’ll settle in just fine and be comfy and confident in no time!



20 thoughts on “hound quotient +1”

  1. You have such a big heart for retired racers. I am glad (and I know Ava will be) that you and the big guy have become her parents. She will be spoiled rotten in no time.

  2. What a beautiful girl!! Best wishes and many happy years together for all of you. Apollo must be very happy! Can’t wait for the “new model” to model some knitwear.

    (another) Jen

  3. Congratulations, Terri and Bill and Apollo. Ava looks like a real sweetheart. She looks like the same reddish colours as our brindle boxer years ago. Nice for you all to be a family of four again.

  4. Oh congratulations! She is a doll baby!

    Bunny tips the scales at fifty pounds and they decided she was too little to race, so it’s very possible Ava didn’t for the same reason! Have fun with all those firsts of hers!

  5. Congratulations, Terri, The Big Guy, and Apollo!

    She’s lovely! And so red, and so petite!

    I bet you get a lot of people asking you if she’s a whippet (well, more than usual).


  6. Congratulations on your new baby girl.What a gorgeous girl she is!I know she will bring you lots of joy.Apollo looks like he will enjoy being the big brother.

  7. Welcome, Ava! Terri, what a beautiful, tiny girlie she is, and so lucky to have you, the big fella, and Apollo as her family. I’m looking forward to many pictures, stories, and, of course, the knitwear modelling. Best Wishes.

  8. You are doing a wonderful thing and what a lucky girl Ava is…Apollo as well 😉 We need more people like you around to give these great dogs a fantastic home.

  9. Congratulations on adopting Ava! It looks like she is settling right in and it’s great that Apollo likes her. She is beautiful, what a sweet face.

  10. Terri, this is such great news! She’s a beauty! Can’t wait to see more pictures of her, in action, too. And such a beautiful name. She will be “at home” in no time. Good that Apollo likes her. It is so good to know that there are other dogs out there that we can find to share their lifes with us, they will never replace the lost ones but get there own special place in our hearts!
    Guess what – I just started a dog sweater following your pattern, with the same numbers but in sock yarn and it seems to be the right size for our tiny (at least compared to a Greyhound) rat terrier Bisou. The one we adopted with a broken, poorly healing leg, had her operated and next week the plate and pins will be taken out as the day before yesterday the xray showed great healing! What a relief!
    Tina in Germany

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