I’m not sure …

do you think she’s settling in okay?

not bothered a bit

and she’s been helping me work:

"we're a BIG help in your office"

We left her and Apollo alone for about 45 minutes yesterday to run a couple of errands.  I had my Flip video camera running the entire time.  When we reviewed the tape, Ava couldn’t have cared less when we left and came back.  Apollo got bored halfway through and wandered down the hallway to go to bed and Ava just moved over to his warm spot on the electric blanket and continued to sleep.

awww, sharing the electric blanket!

The only thing she’s not happy about is the cold outside.  We only have Sabrina’s little red fleece coat for her.  I thought that getting her towards the end of March, we could get away without a winter coat until Fall.  She’s not happy to go out and has been doing her business in two outings.  She’ll go out and pee, then come in for a minute, then go back out and poo.  I’ll have to get a jacket ordered for her sooner rather than later.


10 thoughts on “I’m not sure …”

  1. oh, that is the roach to end all roaches!!

    I am so glad you have another stripey girl to keep Apollo company. I can’t imagine having *one* hound any more. Yay for Ava, welcome home, wee girlie!

  2. OMG, what an adorable face in that 2nd photo!

    Sure can tell she’s had puppies. She has an awesome roach in her!

    That’s great that she’s settling in so quickly. She obviously knows this is her “for real” home.

  3. first thing I thought when I saw that first pic was…she must have been *reading* this blog. Like she’s been here all along. So happy for you!

  4. Oh that “poor mistreated dog” !!!!! LOL. That was our Boxer’s favourite position fast asleep upside down. Ava looks like she has settled in beautifully. She is absolutely gorgeous and Apollo had better watch out or he may lose his heated blanket! Glad to see the two of them. Apollo now has a new friend.

  5. Oh, no offense Apollo, but damn boy, your ass looks nearly as big as Ava in the office pic! ;). No skimbleshanks he! (it’s good though, a nice meaty tuchus is all the better for butt scritching)

    I suck at keeping up with my blogreader (and getting packages out the door in a timely manner) so it’s probably too late, but we have a coat that is too tight for Crivvie in the chest and would probably suit Ava better (or she may swim in it) but layered with the red fleece might help against the Canadian cold. I WILL send it out on Monday, may I be eaten by chihuahuas if I don’t!

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