Ava’s Modelling Debut

I made a hat.  Quelle surprise!  I picked up this yarn at Prairie Lily a while back.  It’s Manos del Uruguay “maxima”.  I’d tried some Manos yarn before but it was really rough and abrasive.  This is much softer; more like Malabrigo.

slouchy hat

The yarn is colour M6353 and the colour is most like these two pics on Styro Head.  The darkest shade of lime green matches my puffy coat.

slouchy back view

I used my 100 stitch cast on and 4 mm needles, just like I do for the Wide Cuff Watch Caps.  I did 2″ of 2×2 ribbing, then stocking stitch until it measured about 9.5 inches total, then did my usual crown decreases.

I'm digging the slouchy! And so soft!

(in this photo, the colour is too yellow)

So it was time to give Ava her first opportunity for knitwear modelling:

you want me to do what?


wait - what?! I thought I was retired?


mad dog! mad dog!!

Huh.  That’s funny that she has little black freckles on her gums!

workin' it!


Doesn't Tyra Banks say a model should develop her signature look?


ooookayyyyy - that's an interesting interpretation!


OMG, Apollo, I had SUCH a hard day being a model!

I’ve been super busy with work.  I started a new sweater last week but have only knit a little bit on it.  It’s the Pole pattern and I’m using my Galaxy Cascade 220.  It looks like an interesting knit.  I’ve only done the rectangular back piece and I’ve just started to knit the body (which attaches to the back piece in places).  It’s very loose and drapey.


6 thoughts on “Ava’s Modelling Debut”

  1. Ava is so cute. She will become a diva before you know it. The Pole sweater is absolutely wonderful. So many ways it can be worn. I especially like the way it flares across the bum. I may knit one of these for my daughter. She is tall an thin like you.

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