well, that’s just … sneaky!

I bought this book solely because of the photo of the chocolate eclairs on the cover.  (Yes, I most certainly DO judge my books by the cover!)  It has many delicious recipes I’ll enjoy trying.  When I decided I would try the eclairs, I went online to find a copy of the recipe so I wouldn’t have to mess up my book.  Hmmm.  I printed it off and was carrying on and while the eclairs  were baking, I checked the book and realized that MUCH was omitted (method wise) from the online recipe and the ingredient amounts were slightly different than the book.   Hmmph.


I dusted some with icing sugar (my mom can't eat chocolate, poor thing!)

I also had piping fail.  The recipe calls for a 1″ round piping tip but I didn’t have one that big, so I thought I’d pipe two strips side by side to compensate.  I should have piped them on top of each other because when they baked, they didn’t raise up all that much.  (And also the baking method/time is different in the book than the online recipe.)


yummy ganache that I could eat by the spoonful!

The ganache recipe is different, as well. I prefer ganaches that use heavy cream, not butter. And I also used the vanilla pastry cream recipe from the boston cream pie cupcakes. But one time I will try the Tropez Cream Recipe that is in this book.

They taste GREAT, though, so I will make them again.  One could also make them as cream puffs instead of eclairs.


5 responses

  1. Oh…these are my favorite and they were my dear Mom’s favorite as well. I’ve never made homemade eclairs…just thought that they were too much work.

    Yours look delicious! Do Apollo & Eva get under foot when you’re working in the kitchen? My beagle is constantly under foot when I’m cooking or baking.

  2. Hi Terri-

    I’ve been busy and just caught up on the last few posts–Ava is adorable! Apollo looks happy to have a new buddy.

  3. Dangit! I was showing Nick the dog pictures and accidentally scrolled down too far. Now I’ll have to get that book and make eclairs. Wahhhhmbulance. 😉

    (They look fantastic!)

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