We are that.  I saw this recipe on the Pioneer Woman and knew I’d have to try it:

Sour Cream Noodle Bake

Beef, pasta, cheeses, YUM!  Really easy to make up and so tasty!

flash fail

The poopers hanging out.

who's a sloppy sitter?

She always rolls over on that hip, quite ungreyhound-like!  The big fella says it’s her child-bearing hips.

I'm a sloppy sitter!


Notice how they’re touching back paws there …

Guess who figured out how to get on the couch?

Ava did!

She also crawled up onto our bed and slept with us last night.  She’s a little less sure of getting down off the bed and/or couch, but I’m sure she’ll figure it out.


7 thoughts on “carbivores”

  1. Good heaven! I put on five pounds just looking at that casserole! I really must try that!

    Nope! I’m pretty sure the hounds can only figure out how to get up! Getting off the furniture is not part of their prerogative!

  2. She sits just like her cousin!

    I love her eyes.

    Poor Apollo, he is very good at making it look like his puppy sibs are taking all the limelight, isn’t he?

  3. omo and ava have more in common than palindromes for names. he’s a sloppy sitter, too. i bet she doesn’t show a pink lipstick when she sees you, though. be grateful for that.

    i love that sloppy sitting. it looks more comfortable, but i think the nuns would take a ruler to their behinds for such posture.

  4. Hi Terri,
    I have just downloaded your Side Button Greyhound Sweater from Ravelry. Thank you!

    I adopted my greyhound Sookie nearly a year ago and fell in love. She has made a huge difference to our lives even though my husband kept insisting that she was MY dog at first. However she won him over very quickly as she adores him.

    I have fostered three greyhounds since and even though our weather in Western Australia doesn’t get very cold (snow…what is snow???) the greys do prefer to have a jacket on during winter.

    I have bought a commercial dog coat for Sookie to wear in the house, but it isn’t designed for greyhounds and is rather awkward. So I am so very pleased to have your wonderful pattern.

    I am hoping to be able to provide lovely coats for my foster dogs when they go to their forever homes.

    I love the photos of your darling greys, great photography!

    Warm regards,

  5. I think there is a theme going on with Pasta dishes. Mom and Dad are trying a no-carb diet – to see if they can help Mom with her headaches. She really misses pasta!


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