Greyhounds are hyper

Apollo had an appointment yesterday to get his shot and annual check up.  We took Ava in to introduce her to Dr. Anne and have removed a pesky stitch left over from her spaying.  It was very busy and the waiting room was full.  Every single one of them sitting there made the comment, “what kind of dogs are those?”  And when told greyhounds, “oh, they’re really hyper, aren’t they – do you let them run out in the country”.  At that point I disengaged from any further conversation and let the big fella educate the Luddites.


I was trying to get them up and out in the yard for a little pee before I left to run some errands this morning.

can you stand how handsome I am?

It actually started to melt today.  But the electric blanket it still plugged in!

ha! I can get up on the couch any time I want!

Ava’s such a hilarious little dog.  If I’m in the living room,it seems she can’t get herself up on the couch.  She flops her front legs on the couch and gives me a helpless look.  Then she stretches herself out and I’ll boost her up.  However, if I’m in the kitchen and she can’t see me, she’s bouncing up on there like a kangaroo.  I think it comes from her being the darling of the GH farm (and they must have fed her everything off of plates, from their hands, etc. because nothing is sacred in her mind.  If it’s food, it should be given to her).  She’s lucky she’s small.  She weighed in at 56 pounds and Apollo was 82.  He’s slimmed down.  Last year he was 89.

Work, work, work.  All work and no knitting makes for …. a bigger mortgage prepayment?  I looked through my big knitting pattern binder tonight and have a few ideas of something to start but will wait until tomorrow or Saturday.  I may be wavering on Pole.  I have had the pattern for Imogen for a long time and really like the look of it.  It’s a little shorter and less flared than the Pole design.  We’ll see.


14 thoughts on “Greyhounds are hyper”

  1. Ha ha ha! If I had a quarter for every time I’d answered that question about my own Greyhounds, I wouldn’t have to work!

    Apollo, You’re right, I can’t stand it — you’re just too handsome! Ava, you are way too cute for your own good!

  2. OMG, your dogs are too much. I love how Apollo could barely be bothered to move with the exception of blinking. Now those are my kind of dog…laaaaaazzzzyyyyy.

    I was watching this with my 2 yr. old and after she saw them get their cookies, she said ‘How about another cookie?’ I’m sure Ava and Apollo were thinking the same thing 😉

  3. OMFG that’s too cute.

    People make a lot of assumptions about breeds. I get shit from strangers about having a German Shepherd in the city, because what they really needs is 40 acres to run around in.

    I’m like just because a dog is big doesn’t mean it is super hyper. There’s a lot of small dog breeds that should never be in an apartment.

    She gets an hour long walk a day (although that’s getting down to 40 minutes as she’s getting a bit long in the tooth now) and she really is pretty lazy the rest of the time.

    Anyway, I digress, your guys are gorgeous.

    Also, I tried to send you an email today, but I think I got the wrong address. Would you mind sending me an email at

    Ta, love!

    1. What further fuels my ire is the discrimination large breed dogs face at hotels. Many have a pet policy, but if your dog is larger than 25 or 30 pounds, they won’t let you in. I can guarantee that my quiet, clean greyhound will not be the one clawing at the door, crapping on the carpet and barking at every noise out inn the hallway. Grrrrr.

  4. I love your hounds. I was so sad to hear that you had lost Sabrina, but you have a lovely girly in Ava. I’m sure she will bring you much joy and happiness, and so great to have a companion for Apollo before he got too used to being king of the castle!

  5. I could barely follow Apollo; he moves so fast that it looks like he’s just lying comatose.

    Aren’t these people who think greyhounds need country living the same ones who think that all pitbulls (whatever the heck the definition of a pitbull is) are vicious killers? I have found that everyone needs a little education about dogs- like “When do your dalmatian’s spots turn from brown to black?” and so forth.

    1. or the attitude that just because little FooFooShittyFur is small, then it doesn’t matter that they lunge and snap and growl and claw at the pavement trying to get to my dogs. Aggression and poor/lack of training is not size-specific. This happens A LOT when we walk our poopers on the river path. I love that our two just look at the frenzied offender like “WTF is YOUR problem?!” and walk on.

  6. A friend of mine rescued a greyhound who was retired early because she had no desire to chase the “rabbit” on the track. She’s the calmest thing to be around unless she’s with her doberman buddies! Greyhounds = dream dogs!

  7. I had a chance to watch the video’s today.. I am not sure how you can handle all that “hyperness”. You must be very careful they don’t knock you off your feet with all that speed and agility. Especially the vigor in which they pounced on and gobbled those biscuits. Honestly… those angels are so lucky to have you Terri….its a treat to snoop on your website and see them spoiled to bits.

    1. Actually, I do have a video somewhere of Sabrina almost knocking me off my feet when she was “buzzing the tower” in the back yard (me being the tower). I’ll have to see if I can find it!

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