It’s Monday again

but we had a pretty good weekend.  I baked Banana Bread:

delicious banana bread

This is another recipe from the “Flour” book, called the “Famous Banana Bread”. After I’d baked it, I was looking online and again there’s a discrepancy from the online version to the book. The flour amount is different. Weird.  I must say this is the best tasting and best-result banana bread I’ve had.  I think the key is to mix the sugar and eggs for the full five minutes (my recipe said 5 if you were using a stand mixer), then carefully fold the rest of the ingredients in as the recipe states.  I baked it for an hour.

I used a 10×4.5 pan instead of the 9×5 the recipe called for.  I thought it would be the same volume.  It should have been, don’t you think?  The batter was right at the top of the pan when I put it in to bake and as it rose, it fell off over the edges.  Next time I’d fill the pan less and use one or two mini-loaf pans for the extra batter.

lazy hound Sunday

Although how is that different from any other hound weekday?

Sunday, Wednesday ... it's all the same


the trifecta of elegance

Drippy nose, fang hanging out, ears fully extended (at least one)

I came across this recipe for Beef Pot Pie that I wanted to try and I did last night:

super delish!

I followed the recipe except I forgot to put the peas in.  And I didn’t add the cheddar at the end.  I made a 1.25x recipe because I had a little more stewing beef than the recipe called for.  So I had four French Onion soup bowls full, plus three ramekins.

little pot of heaven!

Next time I will make sure the puff pastry covers the entire top of the bowl.  I used the egg wash like the recipe stated, but I think it made the pastry top a little soggy.  I might lighten that up next time or not use it at all.  I had a little trouble browning the meat.  I used my big heavy porcelain coated cast iron KitchenAid dutch oven but had a hard time getting a good sear on the beef cubes.  Next time I might just use my stainless steel one instead.  The cast iron is good for long, low simmering, though.  Hmm.

ETA:  I just noticed on that recipe link that she vented the puff pastry.  I didn’t do that; maybe that makes a difference in the flaky/puffiness of the pastry over a bowl of steaming hot stew?


3 thoughts on “It’s Monday again”

  1. Does Ava have one ear that stays up and one that flops over? She’s so cute.

    Now that I’ve seen the little pot pies I have to go and have a sandwich or something.

  2. Oh my, such succulent food, yum. I really must do something with the bananas in my freezer, I might make a banana bread;)

    Beryl’s ears are like Ava’s. She doesn’t look like Beryl if they are both down, and she can put them both up too and she looks like a dingo:)

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