Black Pens Only!

Once upon a time, a long while ago, I worked in a law office.  The office manager (who was also the spouse of one of the lawyers) forbade anyone to use blue-ink pens.  No pens other than black pens were allowed.  (Think Joan Crawford “no wire hangers EVAH!!”)  When I left there, for years after I was scarred and had a phobia about black-ink pens.

One of the things I love about doing contract work and working out of my home office is the fact that no one cares what colour ink I use in my notes and files.  Thanks to Mariko a few years ago, I found out about Jet Pens.

stationery swag!

If I want to use a lime green-ink pen and mark a page with a FunTab sticky bunny, no one can tell me I can’t!  I also got a couple of graph-ruled notebooks and those high mildliners are awesome.  Subtle and not so bold and fluorescent as regular highlighters.  Jet Pens has some awesome goods for sale.  I’ve always loved office supplies and stationery stores.

full brindle detailing on the passenger side

I noticed the other day that the body shop did a really poor job matching the paint on Ava’s driver’s side.  The passenger side is completely brindled, leg, flank up in the tuck, hip.  But:

brindle FAIL

It’s like they went out for coffee or lunch mid-paint job and forgot to finish when they came back!  Or else somebody leaned up against the wet brindle paint and it rubbed off.  (It is a really pretty, deep fawny orange, that plain patch!)

Ava contemplates her mis-matched fenders



13 thoughts on “Black Pens Only!”

  1. Me and my furry gang (two of my girls have two different face-halves – so of course! we) think Ava is very pretty on both sides! Special and unique!
    Did you know that “brindle” in German for cats is called “tigered” which is what Ava’s colour really reminds me of! (While in dogs it is called “streamed”.)
    Isn’t it so rewarding to give a rescue a home!

  2. OK you need to start writing a book.. honest to god the way you see your dogs is something that I.. (who is not a reader) would buy and read. Mis-matched fenders…. omg.. tooo funny. I so enjoy snooping every day…thanks..

  3. when i taught, the school forbad the use of red pens so that the kids wouldn’t dread and fear red. we couldn’t use just one colour either. i enjoyed switching around. i hate black pens. they’re too boring.

    maybe she was cooked on the side with the darker brindle, and that’s the little burnt bit.

  4. She doesn’t look too traumatised, does she? Just thinking about how lucky she is to have fallen on her feet and ended up in such a lovely home. Not a care in the world, by the looks!

  5. Oh, you have me on both counts here! I have a total weakness for any sort of fancy schmancy writing instrument!

    My first Greyhound also had a missing brindle patch in about the same spot! Is it wrong that I used to think about ways to draw the missing lines in?

  6. In healthcare (and every other place I’ve worked where files were and contracts and other legal documents were abound) I’m only able to write in black except for certain things like chart checks once a day, LOL. I hate it. I write in any other color I possibly can at every other point! 🙂

    I love Ava! I think the drivers side makes her totally unique! 🙂

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