hound harem

Apollo got to bask in his harem of three bitches today.  Our friends with the greyhounds who live to the north of us were in town today with their poopers so they came over late this afternoon for a visit.

Ruby is such a pretty, black girlie

The big fella brought one of the ‘office’ beds out into the living room so she could be comfy.

Elsa and her man Apollo

Two peas in a pod; they’re both 10 years old.

greyscale Ava

Ava was too busy snuggling up and draping herself over Adele to get a photo of her today.

more goodies from the parcel

Bully sticks, or bull pizzle.  You can google that one yourself.

Happy Hump Day!

9 thoughts on “hound harem”

  1. Ha ha ha! I would love it if we had friends with Greyhounds who would come and visit! The pictures are all so cute, but that one of Ava at the end has me grinning!

  2. You should photo shop all of the greyhounds that visit you into a picture for your header, like they do on Top Model.

      1. Priest’s lip used to get caught high on one canine from time to time, but he usually had a little bit of one showing. So adorable.

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