best friend EVAR!

With yesterday’s snow dump, I was feeling a little low.  C’mon – it’s the middle of April.  I expected a skiff of snow, some wind, but not this!  It continued to snow heavily all day/evening/night.  The big fella had the snowblower out twice since yesterday afternoon.  Crazy.

But, the mail man brought me a huge box of goodies:

packed to the top with goodies!

Ande is the bestest friend.  She got all kinds of awesome into that box!

like an onion, peeling back the layers

In addition to a fabulous bacon shirt, there is a Mo’s Dark Chocolate and Bacon bar, three tubes of tomato paste (I often bemoan the lack of culinary goods and supplies here), mood swing soap (love it!), a cosy fleece scarf for the big fella, pigs ears for the poopers!  Will the goodness ever end?!

it's not focused, but the shirt says "bacon makes everything better" and the hat is a seed stitch delight

Here are Ande’s note about the hat.  You can’t tell from the photo, but this lovely yarn has little pops of glitter throughout.  I love it!

another fabulous hat! I'm spoiled!

(you can also see evidence of my weird eye colour.  If I wear green around my face, my blue eyes turn green)  The swirly hat notes are here.

the tear inducer

Someone made me socks!  I got all choked up.  My dear friend has come over to the dark side and made me socks!  sniff, sniff!  Sock notes are here.  And of course they fit perfectly!  I’m wearing them now!

always thinking of my health

It’s a supplement.  So that means it’s good for me and healthy.  And CHOCOLATE!!  There was also a Lindt chocolate bar in there, but I ate it.

Thanks again, Ande, for all the spoils!

There hasn’t been much to show for knitting (so it was timely that Ande’s parcel came – if I can’t show my knitting, I can show someone else’s).  The Imogen sweater really is just miles and miles of stocking stitch.  And with that dark Cascade yarn, it’s not much to photograph.

I started a pair of socks last night so I could see some progress on something.

close quarters

My office.  I am usually aided by my trusty assistants during the work day.  However, I have to make sure I check before I roll my chair back in case I roll over Apollo’s nose or Ava’s paw.  There’s room enough to step through the doorway and over the dog beds and fall into my desk chair.


7 thoughts on “best friend EVAR!”

  1. whoo! wish I had a lovely friend like that. Getting mail is so much fun, I can’t imagine what a box full of gifted goodies feels like. Swoon!

  2. Isn’t it great when parcels don’t show up when they’re supposed to?’. More and more gets packed in them! LOL you deserve it, my bestest friend. Now I challenge you to get the socks and hat in a pic together while wearing them. No full length shots allowed! Think yoga!! Ha ha ha! So glad it made your day! Love ya!

    1. Actually, I TRIED to get a hat/sock shot. It wasn’t pretty. My back isn’t as flexible as it once was. And my hamstrings have always been the tightest in the world.

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