what day is it?!

Because I haven’t got a clue.  Wednesday?  Friday?  Oh, it’s Saturday.  I put in 8+ hours today at the ol’ home office and I’m fried.  And my back has gone beyond killing me.  Thank Dog for Robax and heating pads.

We’ve had a couple of days of colder, crappier weather.  Ava refused to get up yesterday, in fact she usurped my place when I got up and whined until I covered her up.

"you need to buy more electric blankets"

I was trying to get a photo of Apollo’s brindle patches on his head.  I have NO IDEA what the hell this is:

"you little bastards get off my lawn"

He looks like a crochety old man!  I was trying to get a shot like this for comparison:

When Terri Met Apollo
the exact moment I met Apollo!

(September 15, 2007 at 12.46pm CST)

blue brindle?  naw, just going grey!
"the white-haired gentleman from Colorado"

When we had our friends with hounds come to visit, Adele asked if he was a blue brindle because his head patches were so … blue/grey.  I think he’s just going grey, just like his mommy.  The past couple of months he’s slowed down and seems to have more aches and pains.  Poor ol’ fella.

And look!  Actual Knitting Content!!!  Stop the presses!!

This is over two weeks of knitting ... how pathetic

This is the Noro Kureyon sock yarn.  It’s knitting up pretty good, a little (well, actually a lot) twisty, but I think these are going to be great socks.  It’s colourway S236.  I have read that the yarn softens up and blooms nicely after a good wash.  The yarn is a 70/30 wool/nylon blend, but the label says hand wash.  I might have to google-fu to see if they’d be ruined if I machine washed them.  I have more than a few skeins of this in the stash, so I hope they work out!

By the end of next week I hope that Contract #2 is a little more caught up and I can goof off a little bit.  I love the work, but we’re dodging a couple of deadlines and it’s all hands on deck to get these files done.

ETA: Sabrina’s attempt at the curly tongue:

she must have been part ant-eater

Well, she and Ava are cousins via their grandpappy, Molotov!


One thought on “what day is it?!”

  1. That’s the best stink-eye I’ve seen on a dog. Were you trampling on his gardenias?

    Sabrina’s tongue orchid is great. She had length and curl. I’m sure she’s winning trophies on the other side of the rainbow bridge for her skills.

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