day off!

After a very busy April (culminating in a trip down to Regina for two days) and having several files exit my office (yay!), I got back last night and was so happy to be home.  The poopers were very happy to see me, as well.  The big fella had left after lunch to do an overnight trip himself.  Anyway, I let them out in the yard to do some bid’ness, and Ava, in her enthusiasm to race back up the stairs to her mommy did this:


She launched herself from the ground to about the fourth step and scraped her side and hip on the hand rail (which is about four feet off the ground).  She yelped and came gimping into the kitchen.  A cookie made her feel better.  There were tufts of fur hanging off, so I gently pulled them away.  The skin was smooth and unbroken, but after the initial injury, it did scab over.

During the past week or so she’s been blowing her coat, so that’s why she’s all dandruffy, too.  Poor li’l bit.  But now she has a war wound just like the “real” racers!  Sabrina and Apollo both have all manner of nicks and scrapes that the fur has never grown back.  Their skin is so thin.  I think because Ava’s coat is so thick that’s why she didn’t actually gash the flesh, just scraped it.

Anyway, I have taken today off (I worked through the weekend) and am puttering around online, am going to watch a movie and work on my Noro socks.  Oh, I did find a few minutes before leaving Regina to visit Golden Willow Natural Fibre.  I don’t think they have a web site.  They have a very nice selection of sock yarns, local wools and unspun fibres, as well as some of the usual suspects.  No Cascade 220, though.  I did pick up some sock yarn and one hank of a merino, nylon and cashmere sock yarn that was dyed by Golden Willow.  Nice shop.

Okay, now for my socks and a movie!


3 thoughts on “day off!”

  1. Yeah, even if it doesn’t break the skin, usually it’ll scab over for healing. Priest at times had scabs even though I knew he hadn’t bled, like the time he got snapped at by a little dog. I think we got recommended a little bit of original flavour Polysporin to help the healing, but there was also a dog-specific cream… Panolog. Glad you’re taking today off!

  2. Poor baby! There is a product called Bag Balm that is normally sold at feed stores but also at some pharmacies. It is a very gooey medicine, but it is an awesome protectant for injuries like that.


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