and now I pay for it

I shouldn’t have taken Thursday off.  I’m drowning in paper, forms, pdfs, etc.  Gah!  No shortage of work for me.  That’s good, but I miss my knitting!

Noro Kureyon sock yarn #236

I am almost at the toe on that one, and the other I’ve just finished the gusset decreases.  They’re pretty abrasive right now, but from what I’ve read on Rav, they should soften and ‘bloom’ with washing.  Hope so!

another tough afternoon for Apollo

The weather is slowly becoming spring-like.  It’s quite warm if you’re in the sun and out of the wind.  Still need a jacket or sweater to take the poopers for a walk, though.

oh, nice one.

I got the camera to take a pic of Ava but realized after I took the photo that she had just chewed off her scab on her hip wound.  She’s not like Sabrina and Apollo who lick, lick, lick any scratch or cut or owwie.  She chews at them!  She’s still blowing her coat.  I’ve been taking her out back every afternoon and brushing her until my arm is sore and the birds are going to have lovely fur-lined nests this year.  Buckets and buckets of thick, soft Ava fur!

No time for baking.  I actually bought a Safeway bakery “Boston Cream Pie” so we’d have something for dessert on the weekend.  Boo.  It tasted okay, but not as good as something home baked.  I did make that lazy casserole for supper last night and it’s a big favourite at our house.  It always turns out well.  We used Johnsonville Brats this time, but in the past I’ve used sun-dried tomato chicken ones.  I think I got those at Superstore.  I know Safeway didn’t have them.  Yummy.


2 thoughts on “and now I pay for it”

  1. We use the Furminator here, and it actually works wonders! Lilac has a thick coat that needs a lot of help. Ava looks like she’s always doing something funny!

    I love those socks!

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