fish eye

I got a little camera to carry in my purse for those times when I didn’t want to carry my big DSLR.  (And because my BlackBerry camera is crap and I can’t upgrade to a newer one for another year.)  This camera has some interesting little modes/settings on it.  For instance, I can turn a greyhound into a bull terrier:

you're still handsome, big boy!

by using the “fish eye” mode.  He looks like Blue.

Blue and Don Cherry

Ava just looks weird.

my nose is too pointy for the fish eye!

There is also a “minaturizer” mode.  I recently came across a blog that outlined how to do this with your DSLR and Photoshop.  This is way, way easier!

minaturized greyhounds?

It makes your subject look minaturized compared to its surroundings. I’ll have to try a better subject to demonstrate the effect.

Anyway, more work, always more work to do.  I’m shutting it down for tonight and going to try to finish the toes on those socks!


2 thoughts on “fish eye”

  1. I’ve stuck to my little Canon IXUS for years for precisely the same reason… I really want a DSLR, but the size is just awkward. It’s weird how your camera can bend things like that, as though you’re a fish in a fishbowl!

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