finally got ’em done!

after what seemed like months and months:

but was actually only a month

These are my usual women’s size, 64 stitch cast on, 2.25 mm needles.  The yarn is pretty stiff and scratchy, but when I put them on, they didn’t feel that awful.  I’ll give them a good wash and see if they do soften up and bloom.

Noro Kureyon sock yarn #236

The colour is pretty true in these photos.

in the stretch

for a  little bit of a dog, she can sure take up a lot of space!

oh, how touching! kiss kiss!

exactly WHAT is going on in here?!


nuffin. We wasn't doin' nuffin.

Apollo, for some reason, for the last month or so, hasn’t been going on his spare room bed.  But then last Monday he decided to start using it again.  Ava has no qualms whatsoever about jumping up there with him.  She’ll pretty much go wherever he goes.  His little shadow.


4 thoughts on “finally got ’em done!”

  1. Looks like they are enjoying each others company. 😉 Today I have out your greyhound sweater pattern and am reading it over to see if I’m ready to start one.

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