forecast calling for mild zoomies

Ava’s flaky skin and super coat blowing continued, so after we took them for a walk today we gave her a bath.

She’s a goofy spazz.  She got a little wound up!  I’m sure if our main level was completely carpeted she’d have been all over the place.  As it is, we tried to confine her to the carpet runner paths so she didn’t wipe out on the laminate.

I’ve been brushing and brushing her and even after the bath (buckets of fur in the bath water) when I was brushing her it was coming off in huge clumps.  So far she’s not flaky.  We rinsed her really well.

Had a 10 hour day today – board meeting with 2 hours of driving time, then meeting followup.  Back at the other contract tomorrow!


9 thoughts on “forecast calling for mild zoomies”

  1. Aw man, I miss that! Belu doesn’t really do it, Tahoe was a zoomie fiend though. And now we have laminate throughout, no rugs, so yeah, just the squirrelly jumping into bed and scooting inthe covers. She is so cute! What were you guys listening to?

  2. So adorable! I remember bathing Priest; he was all, “I’m going to DIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE! What’s going on???” 😀

    1. She wasn’t too upset about the bath, although the sound of the rinse water hitting the floor of the tub disturbed her a little. But she was completely manageable.

      1. Priest stood there all stiff-legged and staring straight ahead, every muscle tight. 🙂 It’s not like we were hosing him down like in Shawshank or anything! And we even had a nice mat in the tub for him to stand on! Him and water were not the best of friends, at least when it came to anything but drinking!

        1. oh, poor boy. 😦 But he looked so sleek and shiny when he was done! We never did give Sabrina a full bath. When we lived in Waskesiu, her bathing in the lake kept her soft and shiny, and when we moved here, we gave her a “dry” bath and that was traumatic enough for her. It was in one of the Celebrating Greyhound issues. Apollo is an old trooper in the tub. Just make sure he has the rubber mat to stand on and a little beer to drink when it was all over and he was fine with it.

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