stress reducer

I had 138 emails this morning that I had to deal with (accumulated over three days).  Gah!  Time spent doing mundane administrative things like that takes time away from making progress on my files.  I didn’t need to reply to that many emails, but each one had to be “handled”.

By the end of the day I felt more organized and had my work plan for the rest of the week, but getting there was a drag.

I had seen this recipe a few days ago and wanted to try it:  Thin & Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies.  The big fella knew that I was frustrated with my work today and he came into the kitchen where, instead of making supper, I was baking cookies.  He commented that his yard work is a stress reducer for him and that baking and cooking must be mine.  And he’s right.

about 2 dozen

Add a tall glass of icy cold milk and you have:

Supper of Champions

The recipe is interesting in that it calls for melted then cooled butter instead of room temp butter.  That means you could whip these up whenever the whim took you and not have to wait for butter to warm.  And it uses only an egg yolk, not the full egg.  I reduced the vanilla to 1 teaspoon (recipe says 1 tablespoon).  These are very tasty and easy peasy to mix up.  I’ll put them on the recipe page.


3 thoughts on “stress reducer”

  1. Terri, they (cookies) look like they are to die for! Very yummy. BTW, I loved Ava’s Zoomies – that was absolutely priceless. Our Boxer never did Zoomies. What fun! Take care.

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