a run in the yard

the fang, always the fang!

I’ve noticed that Ava does that quite often; wedges her needle nose into the arm of the couch.

I'm sure she's comfy ...

After the big fella mowed the back yard, we went out for a little stretching of our legs.

they crack me up! "Look, it's Drake!!"

Next door is a little Boston Terrier named Drake.  He’s very cute and very fast!  I tried to take a few pics, but the auto-focus kept hitting on the chain link fence instead of little Drake.

oh, hi mommy! We're playing with Drake!
always time for a little cookie!

After that Drake went back inside, probably to nap!

Apollo hanging with his dad ... and never too far from the beer.


built like a brick shi... er, linebacker


"the white-haired gentleman from Colorado"


Ava rips it up a little

I tried to get some running shots of her, but she’s pretty much a velcro dog with me.  If I walked to the other end of the yard and turned to call her to run to me, she’d be right on my heels anyway.  Also discovered that, as with Sabrina, my camera in sports mode has a really hard time focusing on the brindle coat.

big boy chilling

We had to go run some errands, get groceries, etc. today.  Then I worked for 3+ hours.  I think tomorrow I’m doing nothing much.  No work, that’s for sure.  I might bake banana bread – I have some bananas at the perfect amount of over-ripeness.

Last night I cast on for another pair of Noro Kureyon socks.  I have been also trying to knit up some sort of greyhound toque that I can donate to our adoption group’s fundraising picnic/auction in September.  I was using this graph from Erssie (37 st x 27 rows), but it’s quite wide and to do basically intarsia in the round is a big pain in the ass.  So back to the drawing board.  I’ll have to see if I can draft some smaller, repeating motif that is more fair isle-y than intarsia.  We’ll see.


7 thoughts on “a run in the yard”

  1. Pretty pictures! I have a horse that is a velcro, err… ummm… well, horse. I don’t have any photos of him, and I am always pestering my husband to come out with the camera!


  2. How on earth do they not rip up all your grass? When our Grace runs, she manages to kick up whole chunks of sod and grass — we had to put down seed to try and fill in the patches of bare dirt this spring. I need to know the secret of decent lawn with Greyhounds… 🙂

    Glad Ava found her home!

    1. We must have a good strong base for the lawn. They do tear around the yard, but the grass stays put. We (and by “we” I mean the big fella) patch the dead spots from the winter kill and in a month or so, it will all be a lush green again.

  3. I think Ava’s anchoring. I find that Omo needs help to not roll over. I should train him to use his nose.

    I think Apollo and Apoppa are looking comfy. Are you sure that you’re in Canada? Weren’t you just posting about snow? I swear you were.

    1. But Katy, that’s the charm of living in Saskatchewan! For example, on Sunday it was +26°, Monday morning it was -4° wind chill. Yay for weather fluctuations! There was one year we lived further north and it snowed (at least one day) every month except July. \o/ yay!

  4. Priest did that nose-in-the-couch thing all the time! I honestly don’t know how he breathed sometimes… 🙂

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