There’s always time for banana bread

I tried really hard yesterday to not do anything – no work, no housework, etc.  I did want to make some banana bread because I had three bananas that were perfectly rotten aged.

Again I used the “Flour’s Famous Banana Bread” recipe . There are differences in this recipe that I’ve found online to what is in the actual cook book.  The recipe in the book calls for 1.5 cups of flour, not 1 2/3 like this one. The amount of mashed banana is 1 1/3 cup. Nuts are 3/4 cup. The oven temp is 325°. And the baking time is closer to an hour. My first time it took 1 hr and 5 minutes because of the pan. This time I didn’t fill my large loaf pan all the way, and I put batter in two mini loaf pans. The minis baked in 38 minutes and the big loaf took 55. It baked perfectly this time, no goopy top and because I didn’t fill the pan, it didn’t overflow like last time.


There are many recipes I want to try in that book; I think I’ll try the brownies next.

I had been working on a greyhound toque the past couple of days.  I have almost finished it; it’s likely going to be a prototype and/or be ripped out and done over.  The original idea was to use that greyhound chart I mentioned in a post below, but after doing half the chart I admitted to myself that circular knitting doesn’t lend itself well to intarsia style charts.  I had to brainstorm and come up with something different.  I’ll take pics before I rip it out.


2 thoughts on “There’s always time for banana bread”

  1. Mmmmm banana bread… I always ALMOST burn mine (I think it depends how well I measure the bananas), but it’s always good, like a sweet crust! Yours is so beautifully made, though, not all cracked and ravine-like like mine is!

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